0 New ATT triple greens Cutting Units

Triple Greens Rollers cutoutThe ATT TM SMARTCut™ is the flexible answer for all Greenkeepers who require a replacement; second or back up set of Cutting Units.

When budgets are so tight, Greenkeepers may just have to prolong the life of an existing triple greens mower that needs replacement cutting units. That's a dilemma because they may not want to be tied to the same brand when they are able to replace the machine.

But TM SMARTCut™ cutting units are unique in that they can be fitted to Toro, John Deere or Jacobsen units with only a minor adaptation so they can be used with the new machine, whatever the make. That's also a bonus if they have a mix of makes in the workshop right now. It's a truly unique and valuable piece of versatile equipment, with outstanding build quality to stand the test of time and stretch budgets further.

Designed for both Tees and Greens, the TM SMARTCut™ offers ease of maintenance with 7 & 11 blade options available. The bedknife adjusts incrementally to a fixed position cylinder to achieve a consistency and quality of cut that is guaranteed comparable, or better, than current OEM units. This allows a cutting height range of 1.6mm to 25mm, all of which provide superb results in all situations.

There is an optional patent pending powered rear roller brush which, when combined with the SMARTCut™cutting cassette, sees a power requirement of only a fraction of any other unit on the market. This power saving is a massive bonus for anyone driving their cutting units with electric motors, or just wanting to use less fuel.

Cutting Unit on greenAnother option is a Groomer which can be installed and removed in rapid fashion. It contra rotates to achieve the maximum effect in alleviating grain and turf density problems. It has a fully sealed gearbox and is designed for single lever action to give simple engagement or disengagement.

SMARTCut™ is part of the ATT TMSystem™ turf maintenance cassette system for use with most mainstream triple greens and fairway mowers. This means that when the units are not being used with the SMARTCut™ cutting cassettes, they can be dropped out of the chassis and another set of TMSystem™ cassettes dropped in. This dramatically improves the overall effectiveness and adaptability of the units.

The ATT TMSystem™ was previously marketed as TurfWorks™ and those units can also accept the new Cutting Cassette with a minor upgrade kit.

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