0 New C-Complex mixtures and on-stand demonstration for Headland

pr pic 4Headland Amenity brought its range of innovative turf nutrition, health and management products to BTME 2014 at Harrogate, including some new formulations.

On the stand was also a demonstration of how TriCure AD™, a multi-molecular soil surfactant, works.

TriCure AD™ is an advanced soil surfactant designed to prevent and control hydrophobic soil conditions while maintaining optimum soil-water management.

The impressive on stand demonstration showed the efficiency of water infiltration at both label and low rates of application.

Unique soil treatment capabilities make TriCure AD™ the most effective multi-use soil surfactant available for treatment on the widest range of soil types and turf applications.

It works by attaching to both soil and organic particles, reducing the surface tension of water, and attracting a thin film of water close to the particle surfaces.

This allows the optimum moisture to be held for plant use while facilitating water release and effective drainage. TriCure AD™ has shown to be highly active and gives good results even when rates are reduced.

Most other surfactants are only effective at label rates but TriCure AD™ allows multi-rate flexibility, resulting in cost savings, as well as greater efficacy towards the end of the application cycle, as product concentration gradually diminishes in the rootzone.

C-Complex mineral-organic fertilisers have a fully composted organic base that does not adversely affect nitrogen availability to the plant.
Non, or only partly composted, organic fertilisers rely on microbial activity to complete the process, utilising nitrogen from the rootzone to achieve this.

In doing so, they deprive the plant of this important nutrient. The 'soft granule' technology employed in C-Complex formulations allow faster breakdown when in contact with moisture, without the tacky inter-phase typical of poultry manure based fertilisers.

The result is minimal mower pick up and faster plant availability of nutrients, assuring a rapid response. Using the latest technology to offer greenkeepers practical solutions to turfcare issues, Headland will introduce C-Complex 5-2-10+2CaO+MgO - the latest addition to the highly successful C-Complex range of organic mineral fertilisers to enrich the soil, encourage microflora and provide consistent release.

It is a high potassium, mineral-organic, mini-granulated fertiliser and soil conditioner formulated with 7.2% humic acid and cold-processed seaweed meal, aerobically-composted cow manure and part-organic potassium.

This homogeneous combination helps to stimulate soil microbial activity whilst enhancing root development and stress suppression.
Suitable for use as a spring starter, or an autumn/winter fertiliser, its fast granule breakdown ensures nitrogen and potassium is immediately available to provide rapid turf response and extended longevity.

C-Complex 5-2-10+2CaO+MgO offers complete nutrient fertilisation without introducing additional iron that is often found to be in excess.
It contains 4 nitrog pr pic 5en sources for improved performance and longevity, with 50% immediately available for low temperature turf response.

Another new C-Complex formulation for 2014 is 7-0-7+5CaO. It contains 7.2% humic acid, cold-processed seaweed meal and 5 nitrogen sources for gentler release in high temperatures.

Now with the addition of 34% methylene urea to improve longevity and further slow the nitrogen release, it is ideally suited for use as a summer granular fertiliser.

Further improvements have been made with respect to the potassium, with a reduced risk of leaching due to the incorporation of organic potassium sources.

Raising plant nutrient levels prior to and during the main risk period for Anthracnose disease has been shown to minimise infections. C-Complex 7-0-7+5CaO provides a granular fertiliser solution to this potential problem.


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