0 New compact demount from Spraytech


By Dominic Robinson

Spraytech's new DM sprayer range has been designed to be transverse mounted on short chassis trucks such as the Cushman, so that the weight distribution is forward of the back axle, but it can also be longitudinally mounted on longer chassis Toro's. The mast, which is detachable, is simply relocated. Spraytech also stripped out all the unnecessary plumbing and miles of hoses that you find on other sprayers, and therefore the complication.


The height adjustable mast is tight to the back end of the vehicle so that stowing the boom is very compact and perhaps most importantly, because of the Chemlok closed transfer system, fitted as standard, Spraytech are the ONLY sprayers that can be operated entirely without the need for personal protective clothing.

Spraytech also specialise in suspended and trailed covered spray booms for all weather spraying. Sealing both the input and the output eliminates operator exposure, groundwater contamination and atmospheric emissions - but also makes sound financial sense, with on target accuracy delivering savings of up to 20% on chemical application costs, productivity often increased by over 3 fold, total control over course condition planning and accurate management of resources.

For more information please contact Spraytech on 01932 269495 or email:sales@spraytecheurope.com

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