0 New Contact Fungicide is Soluble Granule

New Contact Fungicide is Soluble Granule

By Carol Dutton


Headland launches Winner, a new protectant, contact fungicide, formulated not as a traditional liquid, but as a Water Dispersible Granule. (WDG)

The free-flowing, WDG formulation dissolves easily in the spray tank, and provides distinct advantages compared to the handling of liquid concentrates. Its foil packaging also poses less disposal problems than traditional plastic cans.

A concentrated form of chlorothalonil, Winner is a broad-spectrum fungicide, suitable for use on all managed turf areas. Winner's multi-site activity means a low likelihood of disease resistance, compared to many other turf fungicides. It is effective against Fusarium Patch, Red Thread, Anthracnose and Dollar Spot, and can be tank-mixed with Headland Snare to provide longer-term contact and systemic protection against disease.

Although the product can be applied year round, Headland's Andy Russell says that Winner comes into its own during periods of slower growth. "As a contact control product which attacks the fungal spores, Winner must be applied before, or at the very early stages of disease. The longer it is left on the leaves before cutting the better," he says. "Ideally, Winner should be applied as soon as weather conditions are conducive to disease, either alone or in a tank-mix with Headland Snare. In this way, turf managers can forestall problems before they take hold."

For further information on Headland's Winner, contact the company on Tel: 01223 597834, or visit their website at www.headlandamenity.co.uk

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