0 New double act for under £10k

New Double act at under £10,000 from Imants…

Imants have announced a new package deal on two of their most popular products, which they say, "Will solve all of your compaction and aeration problems without disrupting play for underImants-Rotoknife.jpg generation all gear drive 2006 model 1.55 metre Shockwave Revenge Decompactor, are now being offered in the UK at an impressive £9,950.00 for both machines when purchased as a pair.


All bought in hardened special quality steels, are now sculptured using space age high - pressure water cutters, which apparently do not use any heat process that would adversely affect the temper and hardness of the metal. "This results in a huge cost saving because we do not have to re-harden components after we have finished precision engineering them" enthuses Reynolds, and adds "The benefits to the end user are enormous; two years ago the purchase of a Rotoknife and 1.5 metre Decompactor from Imants would have set you back £15,000 for the pair, today you can buy both significantly improved machines for around 33% less money, now that's what I call progress!".

For further information contact: John Reynolds at Imants UK Tel 01568 615469 or 07980 604430.
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