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An increase of up to 75 per cent in battery life and an on-board battery charger are features of the new John Deere TE Gator electric utility vehicle for 2012. These improvements are designed to help customers get their work done faster and more efficiently.
New TE Gator
The charger is neatly located under the passenger seat, and features advanced temperature sensor technology that allows the vehicle's batteries to be charged more fully than before. The system senses when the charge cycle is complete and shuts down automatically.

Operating time has now been improved by as much as 75 per cent, depending on the application, and one charge should easily last the average user all day. A new optional 48V to 12V converter is also available, which allows the operator to use a full complement of 12V electrical accessories.

Powered by a whisper-quiet electric motor, the two-wheel drive TE Gator offers a clean, durable and efficient option for a variety of general amenity and sports turf applications, particularly where users may be concerned about noise levels and exhaust emissions in the workplace.

It has a top speed of 15.5mph, adjustable seats, a forward-neutral-reverse switch on the dashboard, and the option of a four-post safety ROPS or cab protection. The TE Gator runs on low ground pressure, hi-flotation turf tyres to help prevent ground compaction, has a total payload capacity of 410kg and can tow up to 275kg.

Other advantages include a wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity for stability, and easy access to all service points for fast, convenient maintenance.

Website: JohnDeere.com

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