0 New funding stream for Local Authorities

Parkplan - A new funding stream for Local Authorities

Glendale is among the first to offer a private finance initiative style investment solution for local authority parks and green spaces. Green Thinking introduces Parkplan.

Significant under-investment in Britain's parks and open spaces has led to a serious decline in their infrastructure and condition during the last 20 years. Government think-tanks, local authorities and industry have recognised that increasing demands on public services have afforded low priority to these valuable amenities.

Now Glendale has launched a new initiative focused on providing capital and expertise to revitalise urban parks and open green spaces.

Launched in conjunction with Barclays European Infrastructure Limited, Parkplan provides an alternative funding stream for local amenities after years of under-investment. Capital funding of between £500,000 and £5m is available to local authorities for a variety of schemes such as the redesign of existing parks, landscape and environmental development, playground and sports development and improving areas surrounding housing estates.

In return, Glendale negotiates long-term operating contracts for the maintenance of grounds and other services.

Private Finance Initiatives have already been used as a means of injecting capital into public sector services such as health, education and transport however using them for parks and open spaces is a relatively new approach. Parkplan enables local authorities to make significant investment without increasing their budgetary costs. It also means that clients benefit from Glendale's expertise, which has evolved from more than 12 years of working in the green services sector.

Glendale provides a total green management solution with is focussed entirely on working in partnership with local authorities to meeting the needs of local communities. Glendale's unique and innovative approach mirrors research into the value of parks and open spaces and their role in urban renewal.

It shows how parks offer people the opportunity to take exercise, come into contact with nature and take part in cultural, social and community activities. They also play an important part in local wildlife and habitat conservation, tourism and the marketability of nearby property.

As a result Glendale is dedicated to overcoming barriers to use such as poorly maintained facilities, concerns about dogs and dog mess, safety and other psychological issues as well as litter, graffiti and vandalism.

Glendale clients benefit from Best Practise methods, covering important issues such as park design, environmental planning, training and management, quality and innovation.

Tony Hewitt, Managing Director of Glendale, said: "We are dedicated to providing green services for parks and open spaces that deliver innovation, providing significant social, health and environmental benefits to urban communities.

For more than a decade now we have been working with local authorities and have a clear understanding of their financial frameworks. As a result, Parkplan is a much needed investment solution that offers local authorities a fresh way forward. In return we hope to forge strong partnerships with the public and voluntary sectors, showing how well designed and maintained parks are central to creating pride in the places where we live."

If you would like further information please contact Michael Hallas on Tel:01772 627111 or e-mail sales@glendale-services.co.uk

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