0 New fungicide tank mix compatibility

New fungicide tank mix compatibility

Bayer Environmental Science has just completed tank mix compatibility studies for the recently launched brand new fungicide Scorpio.

The product has been found to be physically compatible with Mildothane Turf Liquid, Mildothane Turf liquid + Crossfire 480 and Chipco Green.

The new tank mixes provide amenity turf managers with a range of pest and disease treatments in single applications. For instance when Scorpio is mixed with Mildothane Turf liquid, the application provides worm control, suppression of worm casts along with systemic and contact action fungicide.

If Crossfire 480 is added, leatherjackets and frit fly are also controlled.

Unique turf product defines new class of fungicides

Scorpio-Pack-01.jpgBayer Environmental Science.

The product uses a unique Mesostemic mode of action that defines a new class of fungicides: oximinacetates. Oximinacetates have a high affinity with the plant surface and are absorbed readily by the waxy layers of the plant. The product redistributes at the plant surface by superficial vapour movement and penetrates the plant tissue.

The product embeds into the waxy layer of the blade/leaf, by absorption by the waxy layer giving longer-lasting disease control.

Redistribution at the plant surface protects new growth, whilst penetration of plant tissue protects fungicide from weather. Translaminar movement expands this protection. In basic terms, this can be compared to paint and woodstain, where paint is distributed on the surface as opposed to woodstain which soaks through the surface, providing weather-proof protection.

Scorpio is in Water Dispersible Granule (WDG) form and has an ultra-low dosage application rate. These will, Bayer claims, together with the product's mode of action, extreme rainfastness and novel packaging, make Scorpio a major player in the turf fungicide market.

Scorpio is sold in 250gm re-sealable packs, sufficient to treat the equivalent of two bowling greens or approximately seven average sized golf greens. The pack is supplied with a unique measuring and pouring cap for accurate application and facilitating no contact with the operator.

All the operator has to do is clip the measuring cup to the package cap, twist to open an aperture in the cap's top and invert to release the required dosage. Twisting the cap closes the aperture, resealing the packaging and the cup can be removed to pour the granules into the water container.

The product is ideal for all fine turf application, making it suitable for end-user usage as well as via the contractor market.

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