0 New Hand held portable aerator from Campey Turf Care

Following the unrivaled success of the Air2G2, Campey Turf Care Systems have added the Air2HP a handheld portable probe to the range, offering precise aeration for hard to reach areas.

Air2HP photo

The Air2HP apparatus works using a single probe aerator - which is activated by a hand operated air valve - which fractures the soil profile. The air can reach a diameter of 2 - 3 feet (0.61 - 0.94m) below the surface, with probe depths varying depending on surface hardness.

The portable nature of the probe makes it ideal for use in sand bunkers, small spaces and hard to reach places. The design also makes it one of the best methods for spot treating areas of standing water, as well as for use at the base of trees, around tree roots, flower beds and lawns.

When used in any of these areas it will inject air into the soil column, shooting oxygen into the roots and fracturing compacted soil for air and water movement. This will increase drainage, soil porosity and help remove any standing water in the area.

Speaking on the addition of the Air2HP, Richard Campey focused on the benefits the new device could give turf professionals.

"We've seen great success from the Air2G2 and can see there is real demand for the handheld version," Richard began.

"Aeration is a massive part of maintaining sports surfaces at all levels, and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to refine their operations by making it more precise.

"The Air2 Handheld Portable Probe gives greenkeepers and groundsmen the chance to get essential air into the harder to reach places on their sites, and effectively tackle any standing water or aeration issues. Being able to do this can only help improve surfaces.

"The Air2G2 allowed turf professionals to aerate when they thought it necessary, and this newest innovation builds on that in a groundbreaking and positive way."

More information is available at www.campeyturfcare.com

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