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Heriatge Maxx - formulation graphic.jpgA new easy to use turf fungicide from Syngenta works faster and gives longer lasting results against the broadest spectrum of turf diseases - including foliar and soil borne pathogens. Heritage Maxx incorporates the revolutionary Syngenta Maxx liquid formulation technology.

A new Syngenta fungicide with five-way action to target a magnificent seven turf diseases in the leaf and protect turf quality is now available for treatments starting in the spring. Heritage Maxx features active recycling of its powerful fungicidal properties, providing disease protection that goes on cut after cut.

Launched at BTME 2010 in Harrogate this week (19 January), Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, highlighted that when a turf leaf is cut the sap rising through the plant carries the highly systemic fungicide to the site of the wound - which is the point most susceptible to disease attack. When any fungicide is then washed down the leaf, it is reabsorbed by the plant and recycled to offer renewed protection.

"Furthermore, the unique root uptake of Heritage Maxx means that any product that moves down into the root zone can still be taken up and used by the plant. In fact, the activity on soil-borne pathogens Take-All and Fairy Ring can be further enhanced by the recycling route. Other fungicides will be lost or wasted as soon as they hit the thatch or soil," he added.

New Heritage Maxx has been developed as a new liquid formulation specifically for turf, utilising the Syngenta Maxx formulation technology. The sub-micron particle size of the Maxx formulation can get into the leaf faster and move quicker to the site of any disease infection. Heritage Maxx particles are typically 10,000x smaller than conventional fungicide formulations, so over 1,000 particles can fit across the width of a single leaf stomata. The small size of turf leaf stomata can slow down other fungicides getting into the plant.

The faster uptake of new Heritage Maxx means that 30% of the fungicide active gets into the plant leaf within 24 hours after application, compared to 5% with the previous granular Heritage formulation. After 72 hours there is double the amount of active in the leaf. Root uptake is also faster and, overall, trials have shown 100% uptake of active into the leaf.

As a result the levels of disease control in trials has been outstanding - with faster effects and longer lasting results from new Heritage Maxx. The new liquid formulation is also easier to use than granules and mixes to a colourless spray mix that leaves no trace on turf after application.

Heritage Maxx has been approved for the broadest spectrum of turf diseases, with seven diseases on the label, including the most prevalent foliar disease, Fusarium Patch, the increasingly difficult to control Anthracnose, Leaf Spots common on winter sports pitches and Rusts that occur in wet warm periods on under fertilised turf.

The unique root activity and uptake means Heritage Maxx is also approved for the two key soil-borne turf diseases, Take-All Patch and Type 2 Fairy Rings. The new recommendations for soil-borne disease treatment now advocate two treatments in the spring at the first signs of disease, followed by two applications in the autumn.

The Heritage Maxx application rate for all turf disease treatments is 2.5 l/ha, with each fully recyclable new 3-litres Syngenta S-pac treating 1.2 hectares. Having passed all environmental assessments in the registration process, Heritage Maxx is fully recommended for use within Integrated Turf Management programmes. There is no LERAP restriction, making the product simpler and easier to use.

"STRI trials have shown that, to protect turf quality, Heritage Maxx application at periods of high risk, but before visible symptoms of disease break out, can give the best results from fewer applications over the course of the season," advises Dr Watson. "If the signs of infection are visible, the faster action of Heritage Maxx will still stop further disease developing in clean leaves and minimise the extent of turf damage. It also has good anti-sporulant activity on disease lesions, which will prevent spread and reduce future disease pressure."

Heritage Maxx is distributed in the UK by Scotts Professional.

Heritage Maxx - with descriptor.jpgFor further information and guidance on application and recommendations for the use of Heritage Maxx visit the Syngenta Golf & Landscape website, www.greencast.co.uk

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