0 New Hybrid Mower cuts Fairways like Greens

Inspired by John Deere's established customer feedback programme, the 8000e E-Cut hybrid fairway mower is an industry first. This brand new, three-wheeled, ultra-light fairway mower is mainly designed for golf course use, but is also suitable for other sports turf customers requiring a top quality finish.

The 8000e is equipped with John Deere's new 46cm (18in) QA5 (Quick Adjust 5in) cutting units (see separate release), to give an overall 2.03m (80in) width of cut. This five-gang mower allows the operator to cut fairways like greens, with a tighter stripe, excellent contour following and exceptional manoeuvrability.

In particular, the three-wheel configuration allows increased productivity around the tightest bunkers as well as larger tee areas. This design's lower ground pressure also leaves a minimal 'footprint', making the 8000e E-Cut a more productive alternative to hand mowing larger areas of fine turf, for example.

Powered by a 37hp turbocharged diesel engine, the 8000e E-Cut mower combines low noise and engine emission levels with reduced fuel consumption, due to the use of John Deere's innovative hybrid drive technology. This system, which is also featured on the new 7500e and 8500e E-Cut fairway mowers, eliminates all potential hydraulic leak points from the reel drive circuit while still providing the high levels of reliability, power and cut quality expected from a John Deere mower.

The exclusive GRIP all-wheel drive traction system also comes as standard on the 8000e E-Cut. This minimises wheel slip by sending hydraulic flow from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip, providing the operator with excellent traction and reducing the risk of tyre marks, whether mowing up and down or side to side on slopes and hilly areas.

Contact your local John Deere Dealer for more information www.deere.com/en_AU/

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