0 New Instrata for three-way action on turf disease

Instrata Bottle pic.jpgSyngenta has launched an exciting new fungicide for high-performance turf disease control. Instrata contains the exceptional long-lasting residual control of fludioxonil - the first new contact active ingredient for turf diseases control for over 20 years.

Additionally, the complementary three-way mix of new fludioxonil with the proven propiconazole and chlorothalonil targets disease at every stage of the life-cycle and gives both contact and systemic activity in the plant.

Launching Instrata at Scotsturf this week (5 - 6 November), Syngenta Professional Products Manager, Simon Elsworth, highlighted that new fludioxonil protects on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface, giving outstanding efficacy and making it especially useful in high disease pressure situations at any time of the year.

"Independent UK trials have proven Instrata can be up to 45% more effective and more persistent in the control of Fusarium Patch, compared to iprodione or myclobutanil. The result has been consistently better turf quality up to six weeks after application," he reported. Better Anthracnose control with Instrata improved over winter turf quality by up to 20%, compared to iprodione.

The unique three-way mode of action of Instrata gives powerful protection from disease infection, plus essential curative and eradicant activity if disease symptoms have already broken out. Furthermore, including two multi-site contact active ingredients has significantly reduced the risk of fungicide resistance developing.

Instrata is approved for use on all areas of the golf course - including tees, greens and fairways - along with fine turf bowling greens. The fungicide has a broad-spectrum of activity, with full label approval for the control of:

· Fusarium Patch
· Anthracnose
· Dollar Spot
· Brown Patch

Mr Elsworth advocates that, for best results, Instrata should be applied preventatively at a rate of 9 l/ha when conditions indicate a high risk of disease infection - aided by disease forecasting on the web site www.greencast.co.uk Instrata 3-way graphic.jpg

"Instrata is designed to meet the threat of increased disease pressure experienced over recent wet summers and unseasonably mild winters, and to help turf managers create consistently higher quality playing surfaces," he added. "It is especially suitable for the intensive disease pressure experienced on golf courses and bowling greens across Scotland and the north of England."

The latest new turf fungicide from the intensive Syngenta turf research and development programme, Instrata has successfully undergone the rigorous safety, environmental and efficacy evaluation for UK registration.

For further Information please contact:
Simon Barnaby
Syngenta Crop Protection

Tel: 01223 8834441

For specialist Syngenta turf management information visit the web site www.greencast.co.uk

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