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By Mike Bird

An inexpensive instrument capable of saving Groundsmen, Green keepers and other sports turf managers thousands of pounds in wasted energy, lost time and costly soil damage is now available direct from turf decompaction equipment specialist, EarthQuake Turfcare Ltd.


The QuakeMeter comprises a slim, stainless-steel probe with a pair of handles and a dial-type pressure gauge at one end. The other end is pointed, enabling the 610mm (24in) probe to be pushed easily into the turf at appropriate places on sports grounds, golf courses, stadia and other high-use playing surfaces. As the probe moves down through the soil, the resistance to movement is transmitted hydraulically from the probe to be displayed instantly on the dial of the calibrated pressure gauge.

In addition to accurately displaying the level of soil resistance in lbs/sq in and bar, the gauge is divided into green, amber and red bands, enabling zones of low, medium and high soil compaction to be pinpointed instantly as the probe moves downwards. By noting the places and the depths at which compaction is most severe, turf managers, Ground staff and contractors are able to set and operate their decompaction equipment with great accuracy, eliminating costly, unnecessary and inappropriate remedial treatments.

"The QuakeMeter is an essential instrument for anyone involved in the management, care or maintenance of quality sportsturf," points out EarthQuake managing director, John Reynolds. "It takes the guesswork out of a vital operation, enabling regular decompaction treatments and remedial work to be carried out at the most appropriate depth and place. By pricing the QuakeMeter at a realistic level, we hope that it will soon become part of the essential equipment of all turf professionals, both in the UK and overseas."

Cost of the QuakeMeter is £199 (plus VAT) delivered to any address on the UK mainland. To place an order or obtain further product information, phone EarthQuake Turfcare Ltd on 01889 271509 or e-mail: johnreynoldseq@aol.com

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