0 New Iseki SF450 launched in UK by Ransomes Jacobsen

Ransomes Jacobsen, the UK distributor of Iseki mowers and compact tractors, has introduced the Iseki SF450 out front cut and collect mower with an impressive 1300 litre collector.

Its high mow speed, permanent 4-wheel drive, wide mower deck and a larger capacity collector ensures the SF450 is more efficient than its competitors, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs over the life of the machine.

Bowood 9398The energy-efficient 48 hp diesel engine, the most powerful unit in this product segment, is renowned for its reliability and high torque at low rpm. Its location lowdown in the chassis results in a low centre of gravity, which aids mowing on slopes and banks.

A reversible radiator fan helps prevent grass obstructing the radiator screen and automatically reverses every 5 minutes, improving the engine cooling during use. Reverse rotation occurs automatically when the engine starts and also if the temperature exceeds a preset limit. The 48 litre fuel tank is the largest in the sector (37% larger than its major competitor) and has an easy access fuel filler conveniently located on the operator's platform.

The permanent 4-wheel drive system consists of large capacity main hydraulic pump supplying power to four wheel motors, eliminating mechanical drive shafts. This produces a maximum forward transport speed of 21 km/h and 15 km/h in reverse and mowing speeds of up to 9.6 km/h in light grass conditions. The SF450 will climb slopes of up to 20 degrees (in forward and reverse) with a full collector.

SF450 three quarter frontLike all other Iseki mowers and tractors, the operator platform has been ergonomically designed with all controls and switches placed for comfortable operation. The foot controls on the left-hand side of the operator's platform include the brake, diff lock and cruise control pedals. On the right are two separate HST pedals for forward and reverse. Cruise control keeps a constant working speed without the need to push the HST pedal, increasing operator comfort. The height and angle of steering column are adjustable to suit each operator contributing to improve efficiency and reduced operator fatigue.

All levers except the parking brake are located on the right hand side. The Mower lift lever, which is used the most often, is placed in a forward position for easy operation and to prevent confusion with the other levers.

The engine cover can be opened fully to allow easy access to the daily check points, while the air cleaner, coolant, battery and hydraulic and fuel filters can be checked without opening bonnet.

The 1,525 mm (60") mower deck has air intake slots in order to prevent grass clippings clogging the deck. Usually air is drawn in from around the edge of the deck, but when mowing at low cutting heights, grass may reduce this airflow. In this situation air is drawn in from the slots preventing the deck from being clogged. A simple height adjustment system allows the height to be changed, from 20 -125 mm in 5 mm increments, in approximately 20 seconds.

The two discs each have two separate swing-tip blades which are able absorb accidental impacts, which in the event of damage, can be changed individually if required. The deck can be easily converted into a mulching deck by bolting in a single blanking plate; to do this, replace damaged blades or to undertake regular maintenance, the complete deck can be flipped up easily without detaching the PTO universal joint.

Collector capacity 1AMoving the cut grass into the collector utilises a two-speed blower and an over-size chute which efficiently discharges the clippings into the collector. The end of the discharge chute situated in the collector, swings 33 degrees left and right ensuring that the clippings fully utilise the collector's volume.

The blower has two speeds to allow for adjustment according to the prevailing conditions; one of which is a silent mode. When compared with the normal PTO mode, noise will be reduced by 2.5 dB, which makes the SF450 ideal for residential areas .

An alarm sounds intermittently when the collector is full and after approximately 3 seconds the mower deck and blower stop. The operator can then engage a cutting extension switch to allow approximately 8 seconds additional mowing time, enabling perhaps an uncut area to be completed.

Commenting on the new machine, Richard Tyrrell, Ransomes Jacobsen's Product Manager for Iseki products said,
"With its permanent 4-wheel drive, high mow speed, wide mower deck and a large capacity collector, we're convinced that the SF450 is more efficient than its main competitors from the Grillo and Gianni Ferrari stables. It has the robust construction associated with Iseki products and is powered by the same engine used in the highly successful Iseki TG compact tractor range.

"Operator comfort and high end ergonomics are built into Iseki products and the SF450 is no different. We have already sold the first machine to a major groundscare contractor and it is being used a prestigious location. With its enhanced productivity and reduced cost of ownership we are confident it will be a mower of choice for groundscare and landscape contractors."


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