0 New Jacobsen AR722 Turbo Launced At BTME

AR722 frontRansomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich-based commercial mower and turf maintenance equipment manufacturer, launched the new Jacobsen AR722T contour rotary mower at the BTME Show during Harrogate Week in January.

The new mower, which features seven 56 cm rotary cutting decks, is ideal for maintaining intermediate golf roughs, green and tee surrounds and sports and recreation fields.

Designed to boost productivity with class-leading power, exceptional contour following and cutting width flexibility, the AR722T features a rugged and reliable 65.2 hp Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine delivering unmatched power.

This allows the mower to maintain performance and blade tip speed in the most challenging terrain without slowing down.

"Golf course managers and sports field groundsmen need their rotary mowers to easily handle large areas of grass in a short amount of time," said Lee Kristensen, Product Manager at Ransomes Jacobsen.

"The Jacobsen AR722T is all about productivity, getting more done in less time. It's the only seven-unit rotary mower on the market with the AR722 toppower to get the job done without compromising speed or after-cut appearance."

The new AR722T is equipped with the SureTrac parallel-cross-series traction system, which provides superior performance on hills. The AR722T's advanced weight transfer system allows for balancing of the machine's weight between the traction unit and decks for optimal traction and ground following in varying terrains.

The AR722T is also equipped with Jacobsen's exclusive TrimTek decks that feature downdraft blade that keep the clippings suspended longer for exceptional mulching results.

Exclusive three-tiered discharge openings distribute clippings more evenly for a superior after-cut appearance. Using a single spanner, the decks can be easily converted from discharge to mulch in minutes.

With all seven decks engaged, the working width is an impressive 3.15 metres and the two outer rear decks feature an impact absorption system; a substantial spring cushions the decks from frontal impacts and shear pins enable breakaway and quick replacement.

For added flexibility, a joystick-controlled hydraulic deck lift system allows the AR722T to mow with five, six or seven decks - providing mow-width flexibility and manoeuvrability around obstacles.

AR722 sideMaintenance-free wet parking brakes, integrated into the front wheel motors, deliver safe braking on the steepest slopes and with no linkages or pads to service, maintenance is reduced, as is total cost of ownership.

"Golf course managers, sports field groundsmen and municipal turf managers are under a lot of pressure to increase productivity," said Alan Prickett, Ransomes Jacobsen's Managing Director.

"That's why we put a trusted Kubota engine with class-leading power under the hood of the new AR722T. Our customers can get the job done faster and easier without sacrificing power or results."


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