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John Deere's 2016 product offering for the lawncare and semi-professional markets

John Deere Z525E workingNew John Deere zero-turn mowers for 2016

Models in John Deere's Ztrak Series zero-turn lawnmower range feature several enhancements for 2016, including new mower decks, a new numbering system and new styling, similar to the company's commercial models. The updates make these machines even more versatile and easy to operate.

Ztrak mowers deliver on-the-spot turning, using easy to operate control levers. This means there is no obstacle this machine cannot easily and efficiently manoeuvre around, saving you time and effort. With a choice of 107 and 122cm (42 and 48in) cutting widths, the all-new Accel Deep mower decks provide higher levels of cut quality and finish, as well as greater productivity, durability and versatility.

The deep, flat-top deck allows a clean flow of grass clippings from the large discharge opening. Minimal re-cutting improves the mower's capacity and available power, enabling the machine to maintain high performance even in difficult mowing conditions and at greater speeds.

Thanks to its smooth contours, the deck stays cleaner in work and is also easier to clean when servicing, as there is less build-up of re-cut material. The deck's heavy-duty, durable design ensures many hours of trouble-free operation. It features twin mower wheels for greater strength and low-tension belt drives, which reduce loads on the engine and mower bearings.

The MulchControl attachment (optional on certain decks) provides superior mulching performance and versatility. Changing from side discharge to mulching or vice versa is done with the simple flip of a lever.

Alongside these new features, the latest Ztrak Series models come with additional storage space and two cup holders, while the control panel has been relocated from the left to the right hand side of the machine for more intuitive access. Other enhancements for 2016 include increased fore and aft seat adjustment, an improved handbrake and a 30 per cent increase in fuel tank capacity from 13 to 17 litres.

Prices of the new John Deere Ztrak Series zero-turn mowers for 2016 start at £4075 including VAT.

New John Deere X350R lawn tractor ANew John Deere X350R lawn tractor

Designed for comfort, convenience and performance, John Deere lawn tractors offer the ultimate experience in grass maintenance. All John Deere Select Series models are engineered to the highest quality standards, with a heavy-duty robotically welded frame, powerful fuel-efficient engine and high-precision cutting technology.

The new X350R lawn tractor will particularly suit customers with areas of grass up to 8000m2, or about two acres. It is simple to operate, with easy-to-use foot pedals, a modern car-style instrument display and a powerful 12.2kW/3100rpm Kawasaki petrol engine with cruise control.The X350R features a new 107cm (42in) rear discharge Accel Deep mower deck, designed with a deep body and flat top to allow a clean flow of grass cuttings for excellent cut quality, even in normally difficult tall grass. The stamped steel design of the durable heavy-duty deck eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can build up and compromise performance. The new Accel Deep deck ensures a premium finish, as well as many hours of trouble free operation.

Height of cut is easily adjustable from 25 to 102mm (1 to 4in) in 6mm (¼in) increments, using a dial - all from the comfort of the lawn tractor's deluxe seat. An adjustable fill switch for the grass collector activates an indicator and alarm, so that the operator can choose when to empty the machine.

The high capacity 300-litre collector means faster work with fewer stops to empty the clippings, which is also quickly done from the operator's seat. An optional mulching kit makes the X350R a truly versatile machine.

For additional year-round versatility, a wide range of front and rear-mounted attachments and implements can be used with the X350R, including utility carts, a rotary brush, front blade and snow blower. Price of the new John Deere X350R lawn tractor starts at £4975 including VAT.

All the models in John Deere's X300 and X500 Select Series lawn tractor range introduced for 2016 come with multiple improvements, such as the new mower deck, an updated instrument display with the look and feel of a modern car and easy to operate controls.

The lawn tractor's 'best cut zone' feature enables the operator to always run the machine at its optimum speed and still maintain great cut quality. An optional MulchControl attachment means changing from side discharge to mulching or vice versa is done with the simple flip of a lever.

New John Deere C52KS commercial lawnmowerUpdates to the John Deere lawnmower range for 2016

John Deere's new walk-behind mowers for 2016 offer a wide choice of size, power and high performance features across the company's extensive range. Updates introduced this year make the machines even more versatile and simpler to operate.

The C52KS commercial and R54RKB models are now powered by a Subaru engine, resulting in high performance in tough mowing conditions, improved operation including easier starting and great reliability.

Suitable for mowing areas up to 2500m2, the R54RKB has a steel rear roller for a striped finish, variable speed, 54cm (21in) cutting width, Blade Brake Clutch, a robust cast aluminium deck and TurboStar fan-assisted mowing system to ensure a precision cut and efficient collection.

In addition, the driveline of the R54RKB rear roller mower has been completely revised to increase its ease of use and durability. New sealing and drive components have undergone rigorous testing to ensure enhanced reliability. The new John Deere R54RKB rear-roller lawnmower costs £1315 including VAT.

The 52cm (20in) C52KS commercial walk-behind mower now features a variable-speed drive, enabling the operator to cut or even mulch at the optimum speed (a mulching kit is optional). With a choice of speed ranges from 2.9 to 4.8kph, the C52KS easily adapts to all grass conditions.

The improved transmission also provides smoother engagement and greater durability.The ergonomically designed soft-touch handlebar results in lower vibrations, which reduces pressure-related hand fatigue. The foldable handlebar, already familiar from the PRO 47V mower, makes transport and storage much easier. The new John Deere C52KS commercial lawnmower costs £1540 including VAT.

John Deere Tango Series II AJohn Deere TANGO E5 Series II - the ultimate in effortless lawn care

John Deere's new TANGO E5 Series II robotic mower is designed to make life easier by maintaining your lawn automatically, in sunshine or rain, and at any time you choose. You'll never have to mow the grass yourself again.

This next generation mower features a new operator interface and smarter navigation technology, so it's even simpler to operate and produces consistently excellent results.

TANGO mows in a random pattern within a boundary wire that's easy to install and is virtually invisible. It's also easy to move if you change your garden layout. As the mower moves around the lawn, its navigation sensors detect the boundary wire, as well as any obstacles, and it turns automatically.

TANGO uses a lithium-ion battery that delivers enough power to cover grass areas up to 2200m² (about half an acre). The robotic mower knows when it's time to recharge and heads for the docking station automatically. The PIN-protected display ensures that only the mower's owner can use it. Safety during operation is also guaranteed; the blade stops automatically when the mower is tilted or lifted up, or comes into contact with any obstacles.

A robotic mower cuts more frequently than a conventional mower, and the grass clippings go straight back into the lawn as a valuable fertiliser. The result is a perfect lawn with no clippings to dispose of and no trace of them left on the grass. A tidy-up lap around the boundary keeps all the edges neat.

Programming the TANGO E5 Series II is easy. A large display screen and intuitive controls make it simple to set the mowing schedule to suit you, and to change it whenever you want. TANGO is also extremely quiet, so late night or early morning mowing won't disturb anyone.

The mower's special recessed blade cuts swiftly and cleanly. It's durable and will mow throughout the season without losing its edge. The height of cut is adjustable from 19 to 102mm (¾ to 4in) and is easily changed by rotating the blade protection shield.

Slopes and inclines are no problem for TANGO, and an optional Traction Kit enables it to master hills up to 36 per cent (depending on the garden layout and ground conditions).

The TANGO E5 Series II sets off slowly, building up gently to its full speed. This helps to reduce turf wear and the risk of slipping on wet ground. In more challenging conditions, the speed can be reduced if required, for smoother operation.

A new default mode enables the mower to operate at three speeds, from 36 up to 44cm/sec. When operating on inclines, enhanced slope compensation and a slightly reduced speed help the mower to mow both the bottom and top of slopes identically.

The new TANGO E5 Series II robotic mower is available from this spring, at a cost of £2090 including VAT.

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