0 New machinery from Aebi at Windsor

New Aebi machinery at Windsor

By Rolf Egli

Stand No. W3

New: Terratrac Aebi TT270

The Terratrac TT270 has been designed on the basis of the proven Aebi-Terratrac principle. As an extremely powerful (steep slope) implement carrier and special tractor, it is an all-rounder and the ideal working instrument for all professional applications in topographically difficult and sensitive terrain - from flat golf courses to steep river or road banks. aebiTT270.jpg

Partially automated operation

The new Terratrac TT270 is oriented to the very latest in tractor engineering. The general comfort, particularly in relation to noise and dust, has experienced a substantial improvement. The operation of the basic machine and the implements has now been partially automated. Higher performance comes from the increased horsepower (95 HP), larger tyres and a higher lifting force.

The new Terratrac Aebi TT270 is oriented to the very latest in tractor engineering and an extremely powerful (steep slope) implement carrier and special tractor.

New: Terratrac Aebi TT75

What is immediately obvious with the TT75 (steep-slope) implement carrier is the new modern appearance of the vibration-damped driver's cab with its curved windscreen and the rounded roof where a pair of headlights are built in.


Even the steepest embankment is no obstacle to the economic and efficient maintenance of grasslands with the new roomy and safe Terratrac Aebi TT75.

New: Combicut Aebi CC66

The new hydrostatic single axle tractor with active steering is an extremely robust and universally deployable multi-purpose machine that can be used for lawn care, grassland and site maintenance.

The Combicut CC66 is specially designed by Aebi of Switzerland for long and hard usage and is thus very robust, maintenance friendly and, thanks to the proven Aebi quick change coupling system, can be used universally. Naturally it is equally as good on steep slopes and in protecting the surface as its predecessors were.

The indestructible, infinitely adjustable traction drive of this single axle machine has a large volume pump on each wheel and a hydro motor. The newly designed traction drive electronics from Aebi permit - nota bene, with just the thumb - smooth and jerk-free driving and manoeuvring. The motor is a solid and quiet petrol engine (13.2 kW/18 HP) from Briggs & Stratton. AebiCC66.jpg

This hydrostatically driven single axle tractor can be steered effortlessly and without the use of force thanks to the proven and unique active steering system designed by Aebi. Vibration absorbers provide increased steering comfort.

Thanks to the Aebi quick change coupling (with integrated implement drive/power take-off shaft) a wide range of implements can be used. The Combicut Aebi CC66 can also be used with all the implements from the existing Aebi single axle tractors as well as those that are used with the three wheel implement carrier Terracut Aebi TC07.

The generously dimensioned Terra tyres (23x8.50-12) can be supplemented with dual wheels or (dual) cage wheels. Turf tyres can also be fitted. The new Combicut Aebi CC66 is a hydrostatic single axle tractor and multi-purpose machine with active steering, extremely robust and a universally deployable.

KommunalTrak Aebi KT50

Narrow it down to a broad range of tasks

For the maintenance of grasslands and grounds, for street-cleaning and winter services, the Aebi KommunalTrak is precisely right for the job. It can be used the whole year round. Today for this task, tomorrow for that. Optimally adapted to the public works authorities' seasonal requirements. With hydrostatic four-wheel steering or hydraulic, articulated (55°) frame steering.

For more information please contact: John T. Taylor, Aebi UK Sales Manager on 01777 86 07 64 or e-mail aebiuk@aol.com

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