1 New mower changes cut width on the move

7400 TerrainCut mower.jpgJohn Deere's new 7400 TerrainCut trim & surrounds mower is a brand new concept machine developed following extensive customer feedback in Europe and the US. Following its European launch at BTME 2008 in Harrogate in January, the mower will be available in limited numbers in late spring 2008, with full availability in the summer.

Designed as a rotary alternative to the company's established 2653B utility mower, the three-wheel drive 7400 features a 36hp turbocharged diesel engine and three independent 27in rotary decks, constructed of 10-gauge steel, with an innovative 'Width on Demand' system. This allows the operator to adjust the working width of cut from 68 to 74in while on the move, thus increasing productivity on the most demanding golf courses.

In practice the 68in cutting width can be used around greens and tees in undulating terrain, for side-hill operation and for areas where tight turns are required, while the 74in cutting width can be employed whenever conditions allow higher workrates. The rotary decks are easily lifted and lowered by a single lever joystick.

In addition, the mower's TerrainCut Reach system allows either the front left or right hand deck to be shifted up to 15in beyond the full 74in cutting width. This allows the machine to safely trim around bunkers or other hazards and landscape features, while keeping the mower's centre of gravity in a more consistent and stable position.

Other features on the 7400 are shared with John Deere's new 7000 and 8000 PrecisionCut fairway mowers and 8800 TerrainCut rotary roughs mower, which will also be launched at Harrogate. In addition, the 7400 is equipped with a three-wheel drive traction system, which helps in difficult or hilly conditions by automatically diverting hydraulic oil flow to the wheels with the best traction.

A double yoke mounting system pivots at the rear of the decks, as well as at the end of the lift arms, for improved contour following, and a rear attachment point keeps the rear rollers in contact with the turf to provide consistent cut height and quality. Cutting height can be adjusted quickly and easily without the use of tools, from 1 to 4in in ¼in increments.

High levels of operator comfort are provided on this new mower, with plenty of legroom, a wide operator platform and John Deere's established CommandArm control console that moves with the fully adjustable Grammer seat. The machine also utilises the same easy to use foot-operated tilt steering system as featured on the new PrecisionCut fairway mowers, as well as the latest 2500B and 2500E triplex greens mowers.

Additional standard features include a ROPS and seat belt for added safety, and a 'Sit on Seat' (SoS) on-board diagnostic system, which helps operators and technicians to quickly identify any electrical service issues.


Website: www.johndeere.co.uk

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