0 New multi-active Syngenta turf fungicide for 2009

A new turf fungicide from Syngenta offers a multi-active combination for greater convenience and added confidence in broad-spectrum disease control for quality turf over the 2009 season.

BTME will see the national launch of an exceptional new multi-active turf fungicide for the 2009 from Syngenta. The first Syngenta turf fungicide to harnesses the powerful multi-active combination of three ingredients, Instrata can deliver a new level of disease control and convenience for turf managers.

NEW FOR 2009

  • Fludioxonil
  • Propiconazole
  • Chlorothalonil

Combining the strengths of selected well proven and highly effective turf fungicides can enhance the spectrum of diseases controlled and give greater reliability in a wider range of conditions, according to Syngenta Turf Manager, Simon Elsworth.

"For busy turf managers multi-active fungicides are more convenient and give greater confidence in achieving best possible results every time," he added. "Syngenta now has an unrivalled range of turf fungicide active ingredients to choose from, along with the formulation expertise to create outstanding multi-active combinations."

New for 2009, Instrata is an exciting new high-performance multi-active turf fungicide, including the long-lasting residual control of fludioxonil - the first new contact active for turf for over 20 years - along with propiconazole and chlorothalonil.

Bringing together three actives in one turf fungicide gives genuine systemic and contact action, tackling a broad-spectrum of turf diseases at every stage of the life-cycle.

Instrata protection from disease on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface, gives outstanding efficacy and makes it especially useful in high disease pressure situations at any time of the year.

The unique three-way mode of action of Instrata gives powerful protection, plus essential curative and eradicant activity if disease symptoms have already broken out. Furthermore, including two multi-site contact active ingredients has significantly reduced the risk of fungicide resistance developing.

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