The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd has recently taken on the distribution of the Dow AgroSciences product 'Premiere', a ready-to-use, pre-emergence herbicide for use around amenity tree and shrub plantings.

The active ingredients, isoxaben and trifluralin, combine to provide excellent long-term control of a wide range of germinating broad-leaved and grass weed seedlings including annual meadow-grass, fat-hen, groundsel and shepherd's-purse.

"Premiere is formulated as a free-flowing granular product," explains Dave Steward, marketing manager at Scotts, "The yellow granules are easily visible when applied to the soil surface, which is a useful benefit for operators during application. Once on the soil, the granules are disintegrated by rain / irrigation to form a herbicidal layer in the top 5 - 10 cm of soil which then acts on the germinating weed seeds, providing weed control for up to six months. With low solubility in water, Premiere does not leach and therefore offers a low risk to the environment and is safe to groundwater."

Premiere is also easy to use. Application is made before weed emergence, direct from the 3Kg pack, which has its own spout and scatter plate. By holding the pack so that the base of the spreader plate of the applicator is 45 cm from the ground, the product can then be applied evenly over the surface of the soil.

With very good plant safety, low risk of residual build-up and no hazard classification, new Premiere from Scotts is the safe herbicide option for operators, as well as the public, their pets and the environment.

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