0 New products and new on-line Weathercheck module from Headland

Headland Amenity introduced new formulations of existing products, as well as launching a new range at Harrogate.

Protec 10L containerProtec liquid fertilisers come in a modular range to suit all application requirements. Specifically formulated to offer excellent results in low temperatures, Protec Hi-K and Protec NK give efficient cool-season response.

They also come sulphur-free making them ideal for soil where existing levels are high. 50% of the nitrogen in Protec Hi-K 6-0-12 is derived from ammonium and nitrate nitrogen and Protec NK 10-0-10 utilises 28% nitrate nitrogen derived from potassium nitrate. 4 different nitrogen sources provide consistent nutrient release in Protec NPK 16-4-8. This formulation contains 18% methylene urea for extended release in warmer weather alongside extra turf safety. Identified in trials as the optimum potassium source in the Headland 20-20-30 disease management tank-mix, Protec K 0-0-25 is derived from potassium thiosulphate and helps to achieve maximum plant health during high disease periods.

Crystal Green® is a unique fertiliser source of slow-release phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium and the first to be produced by recovering nutrients from waste water. It is only sparingly soluble in water allowing all of the contained nutrients to be released gradually over an 8-9 month period from just one application. The release is dependent on the presence of organic acids produced by the plant during root growth and is naturally regulated by the plant itself. This process minimises excess phosphorus in the soil, lowering the risk of leaching and runoff whilst providing the turf with a season-long supply of nutrients to meet the plant's requirements. Crystal Green® granules are uncoated, 99.9% pure, dust-free, and maintain their slow-release capabilities even if cracked or broken.

Headland has also developed their popular forecasting technology 'Weathercheck' to feature a new specialist Turf module. 'MeteoTurf' converts a predicted weather forecast into parameters associated with turfgrass growth. These include Growth Degree Days (GDD) measurements at 6oC base temperature and Growth Potential (G.P) using an optimum of 18oC for cool-season turfgrass. MeteoTurf will also feature predicted evapotranspiration rates using temperature, humidity and wind data and highlight predicted rainfall totals per day.

Protec NPK is available to order from Pitchcare - call 01902 440250.


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