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New pump station for golf courses has software link

By Maureen Keepin


"If there are problems with the pump station you can get the irrigation software to re-act accordingly," says Victor Jamieson, Regional Manager for Northern Europe. "This is tremendously beneficial in practice, as if the power to the pump station goes down it stops the irrigation programme running for the night."

Previously pump stations and central control systems were independent of each other. So if overnight power to the pump station was lost and power to the central control system was still operational the sprinklers still operated. As a result, with no or reduced pressure from the pumping station, more and more water would be drained out of the system.

Going with the flow

Easy to install and maintain the V-3200 is recommended as suitable for most golf course applications. With two to five pumps the flow range is up to 500 cubic metres per hour.

"Rain Bird's advanced technology with this software link is vital," says Victor. "If one pump goes down the number of sprinklers operating on the golf course is automatically reduced by the central control system - to match the reduced output of the pump station. Normally the irrigation controller does not make allowances for this reduction and keeps operating the sprinklers to the full flow of the irrigation pump station. This results in poor sprinkler performance or in the pump station closing down on a low-pressure alarm. By continually monitoring the actual flow from the pump station Smart Pump will either increase or decrease the number of sprinklers in operation on the golf course. This ensures that the pump station works at its designed capacity, which saves water and energy costs."

The prestigious new golf course, The Carrick on Loch Lomond, is set to have this latest Rain Bird V-3200 pump station installed.

At the forefront of pump design Rain Bird was one of the first to develop a variable speed pump station for the golf course industry. This saves energy, minimizes system wear and prevents water hammer by maintaining a constant pressure against variable flow. All Rain Bird pump stations undergo rigorous quality testing and are fully water tested and calibrated to ensure the highest standards are maintained.


BIG SAVINGS on water management can be achieved with the LATEST Rain Bird Weather Station. By using the WS PRO LT weather station golf clubs and otherRBweatherstation.jpg

"With new water laws it is vital clubs show they are using water responsibly," says Victor Jamieson, Regional Manager for Northern Europe. "Coupling irrigation systems to a weather station does give far greater efficiency."

Designed to be used with Rain Bird central control systems the evapotranspiration (ET) rates are automatically downloaded from the environmental data supplied by the weather station. Stations measure air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, wind direction, relative humidity, rainfall - and this latest weather station also records barometric pressure.

After taking into consideration any rainfall, the central control automatically calculates new station run times to apply only the amount of water lost through evaporation and transpiration. With changing weather patterns Greenkeepers and grounds managers will find the data reports that can be generated highly beneficial. These can record current and past weather conditions by the hour, day, week, month or year.

The WS PRO LT weather station from Rain Bird is already proving popular with clubs throughout the country and has been installed at Ferndown Golf Club, Dorset, Temple Golf Cub, Berkshire and Trevose Golf and Country Club, Cornwall.

For further details contact: Rain Bird Europe:Tel: 01273 891326or email: vjamieson@rainbird.fr

Pictures: (Left) New Rain Bird V-3200 Series Pump Station, (Right) Latest Rain Bird Weather Station WS PRO LT

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