0 New range expands the Massey Ferguson fleet

Massey Ferguson signs new partnership agreement with MTD

AGCO and MTD have entered into an exclusive partnership agreement covering the production, supply and after sales support of an extensive range of Massey Ferguson grass and grounds care machinery to be sold in Europe through the Massey Ferguson Dealer network.

The new ranges of equipment will complement Massey Ferguson's existing lower horsepower and compact machinery ranges which include the MF 1500 series, recently enhanced by the launch of MF's new advanced change on the move Dyna QPS™ transmission. All of the new products will be built by MTD to Massey Ferguson's design criteria and specifications. MTD will also provide comprehensive pre- and after-sales product support directly to Massey Ferguson Dealers and their customers. MF_1500_011.jpg

Under the terms of the agreement, MTD will manufacture and supply a wide range of Massey Ferguson equipment including walk-behind lawn mowers and tillers, petrol and diesel ride-on mowers, garden tractors and related grounds care equipment. The first public viewing of the new products will be at Saltex in the UK on the 5th-7th September 2006.

Initially the new Massey Ferguson grass and grounds care products will be sold through selected MF Dealers in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, France and Scandinavia. Other European markets will be added over the coming 12 months.

Speaking at the agreement signing ceremony in Paris, Gary Collar, AGCO's Senior Vice President General Manager for Europe Africa and Middle East said, "This agreement will give our Dealers and our customers access to a great range of high quality equipment that delivers the high standards of durability, reliability and performance that they have come to expect from products bearing the Massey Ferguson name. This new agreement is good news both for Massey Ferguson customers and Dealers. It signals our intent to be a serious and long-term player in the residential and professional turf and grounds care industry throughout Europe."

Peter Janssen, Chief Executive Officer of MTD Product's European Operation headquartered in Saarbrucken, Germany said, "The availability of a more comprehensive range of quality grass and grounds care products will place Massey Ferguson Dealers in a strong position in the marketplace. AGCO recognises the growing trend toward well managed green spaces and this partnership gives Massey Ferguson Dealers access to a new comprehensive range of products which are complementary to their existing businesses in every way".

Plans to secure increasing share of the grass and groundscare market for 2007

Massey Ferguson is aiming to be a major long-term provider of tractors, mowers and associated grass and grounds care equipment to professional and high-end residential customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe.

This message was spelt out at a presentation held in Warwickshire on 9 August when the company introduced its greatly-expanded product line-up for 2007 which will include for the first time a range of MF-liveried machines built by MTD to Massey Ferguson's specifications.

The partnership forged between Massey Ferguson's parent, AGCO, and MTD, one of the world's largest producers of outdoor power equipment, was announced formally in mid July. Under the terms of the agreement, MTD will supply selected Massey Ferguson dealers - initially in the UK, Ireland, France and Scandinavia - with an extensive range of diesel and petrol-engined grass and grounds care products. MTD will also provide comprehensive pre- and after-sales technical support for MF dealers and their customers.

A selection of new MTD-manufactured products will be shown in public for the first time on the Massey Ferguson stand at September's IoG SALTEX show alongside examples of Massey Ferguson's compact and medium horsepower tractor ranges.

Although the majority of Massey Ferguson's tractor sales into the grass and grounds care sector are within the 15hp to 50hp power band, the company also offers two- and four-wheel drive tractors from 50hp to 290hp suitable for a wealth of on- and off-road applications within the turf, amenity and landscaping industries.

Recognised for its build quality, reliability and retained value, the MF compact tractor line-up has been enhanced recently by the introduction of the advanced change-on-the-move Dyna QPS™ transmission option for MF 1500 Series tractors.

Available on 32hp, 38hp and 46hp 1500 Series models fitted with a cab or rollbar, Dyna QPS transmission combines electro-hydraulic Power Shuttle and Power Shift functions within a 12 forward/12 reverse speed mechanical gearbox.

Power Shuttle enables users to change from forward to reverse and back again by simple movement of a lever positioned alongside the steering wheel. Power Shift provides on-the-move shifting between the four speeds within each of the main gearbox's three ranges. Speed changes are actuated by a pair of switches mounted on the side of the mechanical range change lever.

Spanning the 19.5hp to 46hp power band, the 15 model MF 1500 Series compacts will be spearheading Massey Ferguson's drive to attract and secure additional new tractor business within the European grass and grounds care sector.

Able support will be provided by six MF 2400 Series tractors comprising three rollbar-equipped compacts of 33hp, 40hp and 47hp and three cabbed models of 66hp, 76hp and 82hp.

MF_281_16hd.jpgCustomers looking for a wide selection of tractor features, transmission variations and engine options should visit www.masseyferguson.com/agco/mf/uk/home.htm where the depth and strength of Massey Ferguson's tractor line-up for horticultural, grounds care, amenity and landscaping users will be revealed.

From January 2007, MF compact and larger tractors will be complemented by the extensive new offering of grass and grounds care products built by MTD to MF specifications, available exclusively through selected MF dealers in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Massey Ferguson's considerably extended and strengthened grounds care range for next season demonstrates the company's intentions to become a major force in the professional, estate and top-end residential markets across Europe over the coming years.

The initial line-up of MTD-produced machines to be made available through MF dealers from January 2007 comprises 10 ride-on lawn and garden tractors with a choice of side discharge, rear discharge or mulching mid rotary decks; two sub-compact tractors with side discharge mid rotary decks; two zero-turn mowers with combination side discharge/mulching rotary cutter decks; a 4x4 utility vehicle; a walk-behind mower and a walk-behind rotary tiller.

Additional new products will be added progressively to the range in response to customer and end-user feedback and demand.

Massey Ferguson to unveil 'Change on the move' gearbox at SALTEX

Making its UK public debut on the Massey Ferguson stand (W15) at IoG SALTEX 2006 will be the new Dyna QPS™ transmission option for Massey Ferguson 1500 Series compact tractors, expected to further enhance the appeal of the range among ground staff, contractors and local authority users.

Offered on the MF1533 (32 DIN hp), MF1540 (38 DIN hp) and MF1547 (46 DIN hp) models fitted with either a cab or ROPS (roll-over protection structure), the Dyna QPS transmission features both Power Shuttle and Power Shift functions within a 12 forward/12 reverse speed mechanical gearbox.

Electro-hydraulically controlled, Power Shuttle enables users to move from forward to reverse travel, and vice versa, by simply flicking a lever mounted to the left of the steering column. The Power Shuttle enables forward-reverse direction change without declutching, ideal when operating with a loader.

The Power Shift function provides electro-hydraulic on-the-move shifting between the four speeds within each of the gearbox's three ranges. Speed changes are actuated by a pair of switches mounted on the side of the mechanical range change lever.

All MF 1500 Series compact tractors specified with Dyna QPS in place of the standard 12/12 mechanical or three-range hydrostatic transmission (12/12 mechanical only on the MF1533) will be fitted with an enhanced analogue/digital instrument panel. This unit incorporates an LCD screen displaying the shuttle lever position, the selected Power Shift ratio, the selected range ratio and other driving information.

MF1533, MF1540 and MF1547 tractor models equipped with Dyna QPS will be available for demonstration following the SALTEX Show with first deliveries planned for October onwards.

In addition to Dyna QPS, visitors to the Massey Ferguson exhibit will have the opportunity to see and discuss the company's extensive line-up of compact tractors and professional grounds care equipment. Specialist sales and technical staff from Massey Ferguson and its dealer network will be in attendance to provide product information and advice and arrange demonstrations for customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

New Grass and Grounds Care Products from Massey Ferguson for the Residential Market

Massey Ferguson's line-up of grass and grounds care equipment for the residential market will be expanded significantly in January 2007 with the introduction of a wealth of new products for owners of larger lawns and gardens.

Manufactured under a partnership agreement signed in July between Massey Ferguson's parent, AGCO, and outdoor power product specialist, MTD, the machines will be produced by MTD to Massey Ferguson design criteria and sold in Massey Ferguson livery through selected MF Dealers across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Although Massey Ferguson will be promoting the diesel-engined machines primarily to professional users working in the turf care, landscaping and amenity sector, the new range will include also a comprehensive range of petrol-engined equipment designed to appeal to the high-end residential and semi-professional user.

Comprising 10 ride-on garden and lawn tractors with a choice of cutter decks, a ride-on zero-turn mower, a walk-behind mower and walk-behind tiller, Massey Ferguson's new petrol-engined residential products have been developed to deliver high performance and first class reliability at a very competitive price. Each one is backed by the superb pre- and after-sales support for which Massey Ferguson is renowned around the world.

Lawn Tractors with mulching, side-discharge and rear-discharge decks

From January 2007, home and estate owners will have the choice of seven ride-on Massey Ferguson lawn tractors and a rider-style lawn mower powered either by a single cylinder (sub 20hp models) or V-Twin (20hp-plus models) petrol engine.

In all cases, the first part of each machine's model number denotes the cutting width in centimetres while the second part is the engine horsepower.

MF_36_20HG.jpgRated at 15hp, 20hp and 23hp respectively, the MF 38-15 SD, MF 42-20 SD and
MF 50-23 SD all have side-discharge cutter decks fitted with mulching kits as standard. All decks incorporate the Smart Jet™ deck wash system that uses high pressure water to clear away grass and debris easily from beneath the deck. A fabric grass collector is an option on all SD models.

Residential users wanting grass collection as standard on their ride-on mower can choose from the MF 36-18 RD, MF 41-20 RD and MF 48-23 RD models, all three equipped with rear-discharge cutter decks with the Smart Jet™ high pressure wash system and a rear-mounted fabric grass collector. A mulch kit is available on all model RD decks giving users the ability to mulch down grass clippings instead of having to collect and dispose of them.

As an alternative, Massey Ferguson will also offer a dedicated ride-on mulch only mower in the form of the 20hp MF 36-20 HG. This "high-cut" machine can be set to trim grass at heights from 45mm to 100mm, making it suitable for less formal grass areas, enhanced by the fitting of agricultural-style tyres on its rear drive wheels.

All seven new MF lawn tractors have infinitely-variable hydrostatic transmission and cruise control as standard. They also feature the RevTEK™ reverse mowing safety system which allows mowing in reverse only when needed and when there are no children in the vicinity.

Activated by turning the ignition key to a dedicated reverse mowing position and pressing a button, RevTEK ensures that operators take special care when working in reverse, helping avoid serious accidents or costly damage to the mower, grass collector or cutter deck.

For those home owners wanting a compact budget-priced rider mower, the
MF 28-15 HO has a 70cm cut and the ability to mulch, collect or side discharge grass clippings - all three options incorporated as standard on the machine. Powered by an 11.5hp petrol engine, the MF 28-15 HO has variable speed transmission, fingertip operator controls and spring-loaded shock absorbers that absorb engine and operational vibrations for a smooth, comfortable drive.

Garden tractors deliver extended all-round capabilities

MF_21_21gc.jpgKnown as the MF 21-21 GC and MF 21-25 GC, Massey Ferguson's two new V-twin petrol-engined garden tractors provide residential and semi-professional users with the ability to cut grass and carry out also a wide range of other garden tasks with the addition of optional attachments.

Built for hard work on a variety of surfaces, the 21hp MF 21-21 GC and 25hp
MF 21-25 GC have rugged cast-iron hydrostatic transmissions with single foot pedal control producing an infinite range of forward and reverse speeds up to a maximum of almost 6mph. Cruise control is standard as is electronically-engaged drive to the mower deck.

Also fitted as standard to the two garden tractors is RevTEK™ reverse mowing technology which allows reverse travel to be selected only when needed and when no children are in the vicinity of the working area for maximum safety.

For grass cutting, the MF 21-21 GC and MF 21-25 GC can be specified with 1.12m and 1.37m side-discharge cutter decks respectively, both equipped with mulch kits as standard and available also with optional fabric-type grass collectors.
Cutting height range is from 45mm to 100mm and the quick-attach decks include the Smart Jet™ high pressure wash system for fast, easy cleaning of the shrouded blade area.

To extend their year-round capabilities, both garden tractors can be equipped with purpose-matched attachments including an hydraulically-driven tiller, a lawn sweeper, fertiliser spreader, lawn dethatcher, sprayer, lawn roller, dump cart and tine aerator.

Residential zero-turn mower thrives in tight spaces

With its 22hp V-twin petrol engine, lap bar-controlled hydrostatic transmission and side-discharge cutter deck, the MF 50-22 ZT zero-turn mower is a match for all grass cutting operations where speed and agility are paramount.

MF_50_22zd.jpgAble to turn through 360 degrees and leave no uncut grass within its turned circle, the mower has a twin-bladed 1.26m cutter deck with electronically-engaged drive for smoother, kinder power take-up. Height of cut can be adjusted in six steps from 40mm to 100mm to suit the grass area being maintained and the finish required.

The cutter deck incorporates the Smart Jet™ deck wash system that uses high pressure water to remove grass and other debris safely from the blade area. A mulching kit and fabric grass collector are optional.

Residential and semi-professional users of the MF 60-22 ZT will appreciate the mowers' pivoting front axle which provides a very comfortable ride and a more consistent cut, particularly over bumpy, uneven surfaces. Driver comfort is further enhanced by the high back adjustable driving seat, spacious platform and uncluttered layout of the controls. MF 50-22 ZT is expected to prove a popular choice with high-end residential customers needing to maintain a variety of open and awkward grass areas. An early demonstration is recommended.

Walk-behind mower and tiller deliver professional performance

MF_tiller.jpgRugged build quality, low noise and class-leading fuel efficiency are key attributes of Massey Ferguson's two new walk-behind machines, available from selected MF Dealers from January 2007.

Powered by a 6hp Kawasaki engine with electric start, the MF 21 SE self-propelled mower has a 53cm (21in) 3-in-1 steel deck that can be adapted to mulch, side-discharge or collect the grass in an 80 litre fabric-type catcher to suit individual users' requirements.

Equipped with a six-speed transmission, the MF 21 SE also has centralised cutting height adjustment, variable in six increments from 25mm to 95mm (1in - 3.5in) on 230mm (9in) diameter castering front and fixed rear wheels.

Capable of working with equal effect in forward or reverse, the self-propelled MF 16 SFR rotary tiller has a 6.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine with 'prime and pull' easy starting that delivers the correct amount of fuel to the engine for consistent one-pull starts every time.

Fitted with 16 dual-directional, heat-treated, self-sharpening blades mounted on a shrouded rear rotor, the new Massey Ferguson walk-behind tiller has a working width of 46cm (18in). Plant protection in work is provided by removable side shields and the machine has an adjustable depth bar and front weights as standard.

Wheels are fitted with 355mm (16in) diameter pneumatic tyres with agricultural cleat-style tread.

New Commercial Grass and Grounds Care Products from Massey Ferguson for 2007

An extensive range of new diesel and petrol powered grass and grounds care machines will enter the Massey Ferguson product portfolio in January 2007 following the partnership agreement signed in July between Massey Ferguson parent, AGCO, and outdoor power product specialist, MTD.

Manufactured by MTD to Massey Ferguson design criteria and specifications, the new products have been developed specifically for the professional, estate and high-end residential market and will be sold through and supported by selected Massey Ferguson dealers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Customers for whom diesel is either the fuel of choice or necessity have four specific machines from which to select which include two sub compact tractors, both available with optional side-discharge mid rotary decks; a commercial ride-on zero-turn mower with side-discharge deck that can be converted to mulching mode; and a four-wheel drive two-seater utility vehicle with 408kg load capacity rear cargo box.
Other specialist machines within Massey Ferguson's extended grounds care line-up for 2007 include a walk-behind rotary mower, a walk-behind tiller, a residential ride-on zero-turn mower and 10 lawn and garden tractors available in a variety of cutting widths with the choice of side discharge, rear discharge or mulching decks. All of these machines have petrol engines and are expected to appeal primarily to the high-end consumer and residential market although professional users are likely to be customers for the new high quality walk-behind mower and tiller from Massey Ferguson.

Two New Diesel powered MF Sub Compact Tractors offer high power to weight ratio

MF_22_28gc.jpgBadged the MF 22-20 GC and MF 22-28 GC, the two new Massey Ferguson sub compact tractors are powered by Perkins three-cylinder water-cooled diesel engines producing 20hp and 28hp respectively.

Both models fit into the new "sub compact" tractor class which encompasses machines combining the rugged build quality, power and versatility of a conventional compact tractor with the agility, size and low weight of a garden tractor.

Tipping the scales at a little under 900kg, the larger MF 22-28GC is equipped with on-demand four-wheel drive and two-range hydrostatic transmission, the latter being a standard feature also on the smaller MF 22-20 GC which comes in two-wheel drive form only and weighs just 612kg.

Delivering foot pedal-actuated forward and reverse travel from standstill up to a maximum of 11mph, the two tractors' hydrostatic transmission gives infinitely variable speeds to suit virtually all turf and grounds maintenance tasks. Hand-operated cruise control, also standard on both tractors, allows drivers to set and maintain a constant forward speed, invaluable for large area mowing and transport work.

The MF 22-20 GC's on-demand four-wheel drive system is engaged automatically when wheel slip is sensed, switching off automatically when traction is restored.

A differential lock on the rear axle of both tractors helps produce enhanced traction across slippery and loose surfaces while hydrostatic power steering systems ensure light, easy steering in tight spaces or with a fully laden front end loader. Minimum turning radius is an exceptional 76cm on turf tyres.

Equipped with 540rpm rear and 2,000rpm mid power take-off shafts, the MF 22-28 GC has Category 1 rear three-point linkage giving a maximum lift capacity of 522kg at the ball-ends. The smaller MF 22-20 GC offers identical rear and mid PTO speeds while its rear three-point linkage can lift up to 465kg at the ball-ends.

Fitted with deluxe high back seats, roll-over protection and extended monitor packages providing a read-out of key tractor functions and operating data, the diminutive, yet powerful MF 22-20 GC and MF 22-28 GC tractors are expected to secure for Massey Ferguson a growing share of the important 20hp to 30hp compact tractor sector.

New MF Ride-On Zero-Turn Mower has great agility

Massey Ferguson's first-ever zero-turn mower for professional users will be making its UK and Irish working debut in good time for the 2007 grass-cutting season.
Known as the MF 60-28 ZT, the high output ride-on machine combines commercial build quality and ease of operation with the ability to cut very effectively in tight spaces and around borders, trees, posts and the many other obstacles encountered on regular mowing schedules.

Powered by a 28hp three-cylinder Perkins diesel engine supplied by twin 26.5 litre (11.6gal) fuel tanks, the MF 60-28 ZT is able to go instantly from fast forward into a 360 degree turn and leave no uncut grass within its turned circle. Travel speed and direction are controlled by a pair of lap bars and the mower's hydrostatic drive system provides infinitely-variable speeds of up to 12mph forward and 5mph in reverse. The lap bars are three-way adjustable to accommodate operators of different heights and shapes.

Grass cutting is achieved by a 1.52m (5ft) wide side discharge deck. A grass collector and mulching kit are optional items for the mower's fully-floating deck, which is equipped with anti-scalp wheels and rollers front and rear. The floating deck is complemented by a pivoting front axle, ensuring a precise and even cut across undulating terrain. Height of cut is adjustable in 6mm (0.25in) increments from 40mm to 130mm (1.5in - 5in).

Shaft drive from the engine to the deck is engaged electronically, ensuring smooth, jolt-free uptake of drive to the three cutter blades, reducing wear and tear. The blades are electronically braked to bring them swiftly and safely to rest after work.

In common with Massey Ferguson tractors, the operator's work station is laid out for optimum convenience and productivity. The fully-adjustable deluxe high back seat with arm rests provides a superb view over the mowing area with gauges and controls positioned neatly to either side of the driving position. Deck lift is spring assisted, activated using a combination of hand lever and foot pedal.

Manufactured using a fully-welded steel frame, reinforced cutter deck, cast iron pulleys and greasable tapered bearings for the blade spindles, the MF 60-28 ZT has the capacity to take all regular mowing schedules in its stride season after season.

All-Purpose Utility Vehicle from MF suits all terrains

Powered by a 20hp water-cooled Perkins diesel engine, the new MF 20 MD is purpose-designed for professionals needing to move staff, grounds maintenance materials or hand tools swiftly from A to B, and beyond, across a wide variety of surfaces.MF_4x4.jpg

Featuring four-wheel drive with differential locks on both axles, a wide 1.98m (78in) wheel base and fully independent suspension on all four wheels, Massey Ferguson's utility vehicle is able to handle rough, sloping or slippery terrain with equal confidence, grip and agility. Its 228mm (9in) ground clearance is among the best of any utility vehicle on the market.

The MF 20 MD's continuously variable transmission (CVT) produces infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds up to a maximum of 25mph, with direction of travel selected by means of a mechanical gearbox offering high and low range forward speeds plus neutral and reverse. High efficiency braking is assured thanks to the fitting of hydraulically-actuated 200mm (8in) discs on all four wheels.

Utility vehicle buyers wanting a machine that can turn tightly and safely in all working conditions need look no further than Massey Ferguson's new utility vehicle. Positive rack and pinion steering and a rear anti-sway bar combine to produce a tight turning circle and fast, secure cornering at speed.

Equipped with two high-back bucket-style seats, the MF 20 MD comes with a rear steel cargo box with rubber block isolation to minimise noise transmission. Measuring 1.3m wide x 1.07m long x 0.29m high (52in x 42in x 11.5in), the cargo box has an internal volume of 0.4 cu m (14.4 cu ft) and a load capacity of 408kg (900ibs). Electric bed lift is optional. as is full road legal specification for the vehicle, Weighing 726kg (1,600lbs), the vehicle has as standard headlamps, a front bumper bar and a 12volt dashboard power socket.

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