0 New Service Tackles the Torments of Japanese Knotweed Infestation

KnotweedExpertsThe Knotweed Experts are PCA accredited contractors (Property Care Association). They are fully qualified in Japanese Knotweed control and complete removal. They provide domestic solutions to property owners, homeowners and landowners.

The company have recently launched their new website [www.theknotweedexperts.co.uk], providing interactive help and information for anyone with concerns about Japanese Knotweed, and offering knotweed removal services. They have extensive experience and knowledge in providing solutions to effectively deal with each case individually.

Adam Brindle, the company's managing director, explained his outlook behind the launch: "we understand how important it is to select the correct and trusted contractor for knotweed removal. It can be a very stressful experience, especially for private property owners who now can't sell their property or have had their re-mortgaging application refused. Entrusting the right contractor is a major factor in dealing with knotweed effectively and safely."

Japanese Knotweed is an enormously invasive plant that grows at an alarming rate and, left untreated, can cause substantial damage to your home and make it incredibly difficult to sell.

The plant is deceptively attractive in appearance, but the Environmental Agency has described it as 'indisputably the UK's most aggressive plant'. It grows up to 20cm a day and can grow up to three metres underground, potentially causing substantial damage to house foundations.

The Knotweed Experts offer Japanese Knotweed surveys and treatment plans to achieve full eradication of the plant and prevent it from coming back. The service comes complete with an insurance backed guarantee for up to ten years.

Property surveyors are trained to look for Japanese Knotweed, which means a house with a Knotweed problem is very difficult to buy or sell. If a homeowner tries to avoid declaring a Japanese knotweed problem when selling their home, it could end up costing them more money in house repairs due to the damage of uncontrolled plants and it could halt the selling process altogether. In fact, many lenders will reject a mortgage application outright, because the plant poses significant risks to the property.

Most lenders will only provide Japanese Knotweed mortgage solutions if a full survey has been done and a treatment plan has been implemented. The Knotweed Experts' services are approved by mortgage lenders and are offered complete with the requisite guarantee against the plants return.

It is not possible to control Japanese Knotweed yourself, as the act of pulling out the roots often spreads the problem and causes even more havoc. It is necessary to procure the services of professional treatment companies to ensure the plant is completely eradicated and does not grow back. It is also a legal requirement that the plant is disposed of by a licensed carrier as it is classed as controlled waste under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The Knotweed Experts' provide mortgage approved surveys; inspecting the property, garden and any neighbouring properties to accurately measure and record the Japanese Knotweed infestation. They will then define the Japanese Knotweed risk level of the property, as specified in the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) information paper, which is an important requirement of the mortgage company.

After this a full, mortgage approved, written knotweed report is provided that includes a detailed quote, information pack and a Japanese Knotweed management plan to satisfy the mortgage company. The Knotweed Experts will also ensure that this full and comprehensive report and quotation is received within two working days of the site survey date.

The company then eradicate the plant, remove the waste and provide a guarantee. The service ensures a property is mortgage compliant, so lenders are more likely to review any mortgage application positively. Insurance backed guarantees cover the property for up to 10 years, so you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK's leading knotweed removal specialists.

If you're interested to find out more about this invasive plant, or suspect you may have Japanese Knotweed on your property, please take a look at The Knotweed Experts website for more information.


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