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2010_SHIN_Studio_C3410.jpgUntil recently, nearly all outdoor power tools such as brushcutters, hedgetrimmers and power blowers were powered by two-stroke engines.

Two-strokes are lightweight and simple, but their exhaust emissions are higher when compared to four-stroke engines. For some time, manufacturers of outdoor power equipment have been under regulatory pressure to reduce exhaust emissions. With their new C4 Technology, Shindaiwa are at the forefront of this development.

Through extensive research, Shindaiwa have developed a successful "hybrid" engine, which operated on a four-stroke principle with valves to precisely measure intake and exhaust, and incorporating a power boost chamber that pressurises the fuel charge for high performance. However, in this engine, there is no messy sump oil or dipstick to check, and the exhaust emissions are just a fraction of even the cleanest two-strokes currently on the market.

Shindaiwa have successfully combined the best features of two and four-stroke engines to produce exceptional power coupled with dramatically reduced exhaust emissions. There are even savings on fuel as the recorded petrol consumption is greatly reduced.

The new Shindaiwa C4 engine is available on four models of brushcutter, six hedgetrimmers and three power blowers.

Shindaiwa products are manufactured and marketed by ECHO Incorporated. Visit www.shindaiwa.com to learn more.

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