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Dynamometer software put through its paces by SDF UK

By Michael Bird

An advanced computer program has been adopted by SAME Deutz-Fahr UK (SDF UK) to control and analyse the dynamometer tests carried out by the company on all new tractors prior to their delivery to customers.Known as Sigma Dyna Test, the program has been produced by N J Froment & Company, manufacturer of the Sigma dynamometer being used by SDF UK for testing of new Deutz-Fahr, SAME, Lamborghini and Hürlimann tractors at its headquarters in Barby, near Rugby, Warks.

Developed by Froment utilising feedback from SDF UK, the program will be launched formally to existing and new Sigma dynamometer users during September and October.Prior to their adoption of Froment's prototype computer program in March 2004, SDF UK's technicians were using a hand-held keypad to control the company's Sigma dynamometer. Test results were printed-out on a heat-sensitive slip of paper which was placed in the tractor's cab prior to despatch to the dealer. DFDyna-a.jpg

The new software developed by Froment utilises the familiar MS Windows® operating system to replace the hand-held keypad, enabling a laptop or desktop computer to control, monitor and record all dynamometer functions and test results. As each stage of the dynamometer test proceeds, the results are displayed simultaneously in graphic form on the computer's VDU screen, allowing continuous monitoring of the tractor's performance by the technician.

The results recorded on the computer are printed-out by SDF UK on a sheet of normal A4 paper and given to every new tractor customer. Information provided on the print-out includes details of the individual tractor, the conditions under which the test was conducted and test results such as the horsepower produced at high idle and 1,000rpm PTO speeds and the percentage torque reserve. Other important figures shown on the print-out DFDyna-q.jpg

"Apart from the ease of setting up and controlling the dynamometer, the major benefit of the new program to SDF UK is the building of a database containing the dynamometer test results of every new tractor that leaves Barby," commented service manager, Graham Barnwell. "The database can be updated within seconds of the test being completed and can be recalled instantly at the touch of a computer keyboard. Dynamometer test results recorded on totally different dates can be compared and analysed on-screen to help us identify and deal more easily with a reported problem with any tractor during its working life."

According to Froment, the early commercial application of the new program by SDF UK has proved of great benefit, enabling teething problems to be quickly identified and a number of detail changes to be made to the software well in advance of its full launch.

For further information, please contact: Graham Barnwell, Service Manager SAME Deutz-Fahr UK Ltd, Tel: 01788 892113 or e-mail: graham.barnwell@sdf.co.uk

David Tyler, Product Manager - Dynamometers Tel: 01780 480033 or e-mail: dynamometers@froment.co.uk

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