0 New Soil Life 700 Compost Tea Brewer from Symbio.

New Soil Life 700 Compost Tea Brewer from Symbio.

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Sustainable golf, the quest for fescue and agrostis greens, drought resistance, disease management. These are the current goals of the sports turf industry.

Much is written about soil chemistry and physics but soil biology takes a back seat in turf management. However it is the biological life in the soil that is responsible for natural disease resistance, nutrient recycling, thatch breakdown and fine grass growth. Without living soil sustainable course maintenance will continue to be a dream.

Compost teas allow you to extract from compost the fungi, bacteria, nematodes and protozoa which form the foundations of the soil food web, and apply them to your course through a standard sprayer at a cost of just £75 per hectare.

Many course managers have been using compost teas for several years as part of a Symbio maintenance programme and the results in terms of reduced chemical inputs, fine grass growth and disease and dry patch management have been very positive. Halving N inputs and doubling root density are common results. (email fineturf@symbio.co.uk for case studies).

Symbio is now launching the Soil Life 700 an easily maintained brewer with a capacity of between 100 - 700 litres, enough to spray from 1 - 10 hectares.

Symbio's technical team will be pleased to help you measure and develop the microbial life in your soil essential for sustainable grass management.

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Martin Ward
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01372 456 101
email martin@symbio.co.uk

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