0 New Syngenta S-pac improves spraying speed and safety

Syngenta  - New S-pac is quick to open and easy to pour with no foil heat seal.jpgThe new S-pac range of packaging from Syngenta has been launched with a range of innovative design features to ensure safe, simple and secure spray operations, using genuine Syngenta quality products.

A new range of liquid product packaging from Syngenta Crop Protection launched at BTME will help turf and amenity managers achieve safe, simple and secure spraying operations. The new S-pac incorporates a host of innovative features for easier opening, handling, rinsing and disposal.

Key benefits include:
· Quick to open
· No foil heat seals
· Easy to rinse out
· Safe to handle
· Enhanced security features
· Fully recyclable

The unique manufacturing process for the Syngenta S-pac has, for the first time, eliminated the need for foil heat seals on the full range of the company's liquid packaging, making the containers faster and safer to open.

Simon Elsworth of Syngenta, highlights that the foil seals, common to most turf pesticide liquid packaging, have proven difficult to open when wearing protective gloves. Surveys reveal over half of sprayer operators have been known to take off their protective gloves to remove the foil seals. Foil seals are also classified as a hazardous waste stream, requiring an approved safe disposal route.

Mr Elsworth adds that the new robust S-pac design includes straight sides for safe handling, accurate measuring, clean draining and quicker rinsing out. Trials have shown the new S-pac can halve the time taken to open and empty packaging, compared to conventional foil sealed bottles.

Security and SafetySyngenta - S-pac logo.jpg

With Health and Safety a paramount concern for turf mangers and amenity users, the new S-pac is designed to ensure spray operators can work quickly and effectively, whilst operating to the very best practice. The design also includes a range of distinctive visual features and concealed covert measures to minimise the risk of counterfeiting and assure genuine Syngenta quality products are being used.

"Turf damage from using poorly manufactured counterfeit product poses a serious threat to turf quality, as well as the personal safety of operators. It is an increasing problem across the world and UK turf managers should be alert to the risk," reports Mr Elsworth. S-pac features include a tamper-evident cap for operators to check bottles are original, as well as unique bottle caps embossed with distinctive Syngenta branding and details on a new label design.

"The quality of the new S-pac supports the quality of the Syngenta product inside and provides a host of practical benefits for sprayer operators."

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