0 New Techneat shrouded booms keep spray on target

SPPSA new three-section shrouded boom cover from Techneat Engineering, to be launched at SALTEX 2009, gives greater flexibility for the company's self-propelled pedestrian sprayer, the SPPS-120, to work in all conditions without creating spray drift and minimising the risk of operator or bystander exposure.

To be launched at SALTEX in September, the new boom cover is precision moulded by Techneat in three one-metre section, with the outer two sections folding with the boom for compact movement between sites and storage. For restricted access areas, the centre section can be operated independently with the wings folded. The shrouded booms are especially popular with local authority, sports turf and amenity spray operators.SPPS

The unique design ensures that the cover does not interfere with the correct spray pattern and ensures operators can be confident of achieving accurate application. The shrouds can quickly be removed if required. The shrouded boom covers can be retro-fitted to the company's three-metre SPPS-120 machine. The split-section boom cover costs from £550 including mounts, or £475 if ordered with a new sprayer.

Tom Neat of Techneat Engineering highlights the SPPS boom can be fitted with multiple bayonet spray heads carrying three or four nozzles, operators simply twist the head to select the nozzle most appropriate to the spray target. Most groundsmen opt to include an air-induction nozzle option that can be used when appropriate and has proven to give good results operated at low pressure under the shroud cover.

Mr Neat adds that each boom section of the SPPS can be switched on or off separately, enabling more accurate application and avoiding spray overlaps, especially when spraying greens or other confined turf areas. The new shrouded booms can be seen SALTEX on the Techneat stand, number T26.

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