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Lmesa picebanon Seaboard Corporation of Pennsylvania, USA are introducing a range of professional turf fertilisers that offer advanced patented technology which is different to fertilisers presently available in the UK. These provide better slow release characteristics and because the technology does not use coatings and does use economic ingredients, the value they offer is far better.

The products being introduced rely on four key Lebanon technologies, namely Meth-Ex 40® methylene urea, MESA®, EXPO® and Composite Technology®. When used in combination, these provide fertilisers with extraordinary characteristics.

Meth-Ex 40® is a very special form of methylene urea developed by Lebanon that has been manipulated to include an ideal balance of nitrogen release. It contains a small amount of readily available N to get things started then a large proportion of N that releases steadily for up to around 12 weeks.

Less soluble nitrogen in very long chain polymers which is of little value and can cause problems at a later date has been reduced to just 8% of the N content, far less than any other methylene urea product. You therefore get far more of what you paid for and Lebanon claim it to be the most efficient form of methylene urea complex on the planet.

MESA® is Lebanon's patented technology that combines Meth-Ex 40® methylene urea into a homogeneous form together with sulphate of ammonia. More information.

This is the only product that does so.This provides an economic, yet ideally balanced release of nitrogen, with a fast response but a long steady release thereafter without any flushes of growth.

It maintains excellent colour and condition and Lebanon's strap line for the product, provided by a golf course superintendent sums it up: "How can a product that works so fast last so long?". One of the big benefits of this system compared to coated prills, as with sulphur coatings or polymer coatings, is that the slow release characteristics remain the same even if the product gets trodden underfoot or crushed, as it does in many pitch based sports or equestrian turf areas. As a coated product exudes its contents, its outer shell becomes far more fragile and readily broken, at which point it releases a flush of nutrients and loses its slow release properties, leaving behind unwanted coating residues. Not so with MESA®. More Information.

ExpoExpo® is another similar Lebanon Technology that combines Meth-Ex 40® with sulphate of potash into a homogenous granule which confers slow release properties on the potash content. In short, this will last around twice as long as a conventional application of potash, which as every turf manager knows is a highly soluble element that is soon leached away, especially on sand based constructions. This combination of a steady release of nitrogen and potash leads to an exceptionally healthy sward that is dense with brilliant colour and condition.

Last but not least is Lebanon's Composite Technology®. This is what combines the ingredients into equally sized, regular homogeneous granules to ensure that every granule contains an even balance of nutrients and spreads evenly when applied. They are constructed with sufficient strength to retain integrity during manufacture, bagging, transport and handling, yet are quickly broken down and assimilated into a sward with rainfall or irrigation.

A range of products which use the various aspects of these technologies is being introduced to cover the main requirements of fine and outfield turf areas, with variants for seasonal requirements and are available through Amenity Land Solutions (01952-641949) who will help with any information required.

A range of Lebanon Products are available on the Pitchcare Shop.

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