0 New Twin Spinner improves top dressing consistency

New Twin Spinner improves top dressing consistency

By Mike Bird


A new twin spinner has been introduced by Turfmech for the ProPass 180 low impact top dresser. The twin spinner is designed to fit all ProPass 180s, enabling existing owners to take advantage of the resulting improvements brought by the latest technology.

To be shown publicly for the first time at IoG SALTEX 2005, the new twin spinner delivers improved spreading consistency across the entire bout width, irrespective of whether the machine has been set to spread materials narrow or wide, light or heavy.

An additional feature of the new twin spinner design is its ability to produce a clearly defined edge when applying heavy applications across a narrow bout width. The result enables easier matching of spread widths on subsequent passes across the turf.

Proving to be an essential item on an ever-growing number of golf courses, the ProPass 180 is a low impact broadcast-type top dresser suitable for light, frequent treatment of all quality turf surfaces.

Available in tractor-trailed or worktruck-mounted versions (and easily convertible from one to the other), the ProPass 180 has a hopper capacity of 18 cu ft (0.5 cu m), sufficient for light dressing of up to four golf greens.

Angled slightly downwards, the new twin rear spinner for the machine give a consistent and even spread of materials across bout widths from 4.5m to 9m (15ft - 30ft), adjustable by simply altering the rotational speed of the spinning discs. Rate of application can be varied by altering the speed of the internal feed belt, or by opening or closing the adjustable tailgate, or by driving faster or slower. By using a combination of all three measures, greenkeepers can exert precise control over application rates and the depth of dressings applied.

With the arrival of the new twin spinner, the machine's versatility and accuracy has been raised to an even higher level, making a very good machine even better. This fact will be appreciated by turf professionals looking to achieve the best possible top dressing results quickly, economically and with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Price of the ProPass 180 complete with new twin spinner is from £ 8,185.00.

IoG SALTEX 2005 Stand Number: W28

For further information, please contact:

Austin Jarrett or Ian Pogson Turfmech Machinery Ltd, Hangar 5, New Road, Hixon, Staffordshire ST18 0PJ

Tel: 01889 271503

Accompanying image shows the ProPass 180 low impact top dresser in action fitted with the new design twin spinner.

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