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Hurrells specialist seeds WASP

Water Absorbent Seed Process

The very latest new formulation for all Turf seeds developed and applied in Germany-WASP (Water Absorbent Seed Process.)

This innovative new technology for the very first time provides the complete supply of water and nutritious elements to the seedling. A water reservoir, which is created all around the seedling, ensures permanent humidity and thus will not become dry! Moreover this coat contains an initial start up amenity fertiliser, humic acid and an activator for the roots of the plant.

Elite Rye coated with Absorber Wasp Mixture

35% Margarita Dwarf Turf Perennial
35% Concerto Dwarf Turf Perennial
30% Gator Dwarf Turf Perennial

This sports lawn renovation mixture is as blend of superb cultivars well respected for sports ground renovation. The WASP treatment assures a rapid establishment excellent recovery from heavy wear and the varieties assures good turf quality.

Pictures below show the development of WASP treated seed:

Swelling due to moisture intake
Seed coating shown clearly the swelling due to moisture uptake

Faster rates of germination
Showing faster rates of germination

High-quality, even germination
High quality even germination levels

1. WASP (Water Absorbing Seed Process) is the very latest technical development of a coating used successfully for many years this is the very latest 7th formulation.

2. This is the latest innovation in seeds technology that offers for the first time a complete provision for the new turf seedling with water and nutrient. A reservoir of moisture from the coating ensures that the seedling cannot dry up and has a permanent water supply. Moreover this coating also contains a start off fertilisation for the first growth stages of the seedlings development. Other activators are included for good plant health and good root development

3. Water is life - through the WASP coating, one can make available the water/moisture and the nutrients required for good quick growth.

The additional water supply created by the WASP visibly affects the growth of the seedling and also the roots of the turfgrass. One can especially see the extra growth in times of extreme stress conditions such as drought for example as well as in difficult soil conditions or harsh climatic conditions.

4. Not only can WASP be used on new sowing areas its ideal for over sowing and renovating as its not likely that seed treated with WASP will be out crowded due to the rapid emergence offered by WASP.

The seedling germination is also more uniform and regular when treated with WASP rather than untreated seed trials.

5. The treated seed coating sowing swells when it comes into water contract this can be clearly seen in the photos above and functions therefore as a reservoir acting as a contained supplier of moisture for the seed

Available from UK Distributor for WASP for Turf seeds-

Hurrells Seeds
(Hurrell & McLean Seeds Ltd)
Beverley Road, Cranswick. Driffield. East Yorkshire. YO25 9PF

01377 271400

''We are delighted to be UK distributors of WASP the very latest seed technology. We have seen in our own lab test that WASP coated seed can germinate 85% faster than untreated seed.
We believe that although WASP is expensive it will still be highly sought after especially in areas were pressure is on for the time allowed for renovation'.'
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