0 New Web site to support European Golfing Community

New Web site to support European Golfing Community

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Among all the major land-based sports, golf has probably the strongest interaction with the environment. Certainly no other sport occupies and manages such large areas of greenspace. In Europe alone, there are almost 6,000 golf courses, covering some 300,000 hectares and serving a golfing population of nearly 6,000,000 people. Golf is a sizeable industry in its own right and continues to grow. Any activity on this scale cannot function in isolation and it is important to understand the game's responsibilities towards the wider community.

Golf courses serve a broader function than simply as a particular type of sports ground. In a wider context they can provide important areas of greenspace in urban areas, they can be buffers between natural areas and developed land, they can provide valuable wildlife habitat in their own right, and they also have the opportunity to conserve and enhance water resources (turfgrass is a highly effective biological filter, capable of improving water quality).

To help support this ever growing golf community a new partnership web site has been developed called Golf Environment Europe.

The web site :-

  • Provides an overview of environmental sustainability activities within the golf sector
  • Sets out an environmental management and accreditation system for European golf facilities
  • Provides guidance on the sustainable development of new golf courses
  • Communicates the activities of the Forum for Golf and Environment

Please click on the following link to access this new website:-Golf Environment Europe.

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