0 New Wessex ProGlider takes the strain out of mowing!

IMG_5428.jpgIf you've ever seen a tractor travelling along a road with a mower on the rear linkage, or worse - if you've had the unpleasant experience of actually being behind the wheel of a tractor with a mower on the back, then you'll know exactly what is meant by the 'rocking-horse' effect.

The laws of physics mean that the slightest in flaw in the road surface is amplified by a huge degree, and the poor tractor driver experiences a fairground ride - which can actually be fairly dangerous when you consider that he's driving something like 3 tonnes of expensive metal along a public highway.

Now that's all about to change thanks to the brains in the Broadwood design team, with the launch of the Wessex ProGlider. Available to fit all four mowers in the Wessex ProLine RMX roller mower range including the new flagship RMX480, the unique design of the ProGlider suspends the mower while allowing the wheels to be independently sprung in road transport mode.

When in work, the transport wheels lift totally clear of the ground, keeping the roller mower in constant contact with the grass and enabling a perfectly smooth cut.

IMG_5420.jpg"When we showed a prototype of the ProGlider to dealers back in October last year we were given a 100% positive response" says Steve James, Broadwood's sales manager. "Now we've tweaked it to perfection in time for the 2010 season and are taking orders for it already.

One thing people really liked was the fact that sharp turns are no problem, thanks to the wide-angle PTO and drawbar design, which is really impressive for a product of this size." The ProGlider is rated to 50kph road speed, with full highway lighting, meaning it's the perfect tool for councils, contractors and municipal sports field work.

Contact Broadwood on 01420 478111 or visit www.broadwoodintl.co.uk for more information.

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