0 New Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP8 for FA National Centre at Burton-on-Trent

Wiedenmann UK FA Nat Centre Terra Spike XPWith 10 full size outdoor pitches to tend the FA National Football Centre at Burton-on-Trent needs top of the table equipment to get its pitches aerated precisely and efficiently.

FA Head of Grounds and Estate, Alan Ferguson, had a very specific role in mind for his newly purchased Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP8 - Wiedenmannn's extra powerful aerator that can tine effortlessly down to 40cm.

"Wiedenmann now has so many Terra Spikes in their fleet that you can choose exactly the one for the task," he said.

"The XP8 suits us perfectly because in this situation we favour depth over speed. The 2.1m width was also important for that extra 0.5m beyond a typical 1.6m machine. Already it is delivering very well, going far into the ground to give us necessary heave.

"We know how fast Wiedenmann machines can be but with this we are happy to take our time to go really deep. Compared to other aerators it needs a bigger tractor but we knew that and have one that's a great match.

"The XP will be in constant use throughout the year because undersoil heating means that we don't break with aeration. It will be extensively used with solid micro 8mm, 12 mm and 20 mm tines as per our programme."

Wiedenmann UK's Northern Sales Manager, Mike James said: "The XP is the widest and heaviest of all the Terra Spikes and is a real workhorse yet still carries out a really neat job at a good rate. For a client like the FA who have multiple pitches and need a first class surface, this was the perfect choice."

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