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DewSmart Kingfisher Country Club, Chris MayhewH2Pro DewSmart is a newly formulated dew dispersant product for turf grass areas. It is designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on the plant leaf. The formulation contains specifically selected sticking and spreading surfactants that bond to the leaf surface and prevent moisture droplets from forming.

DewSmart is ideal for use on greens as part of a proactive integrated approach to help minimise the risk of disease outbreaks and improve turf health and quality.

Chris Mayhew, the Course Manager at Kingfisher Country Club, uses a range of the ICL products as part of an integrated disease management programme to help reduce the risk of disease. Chris manages a course with clay-based, push-up greens that have the capacity to stay wet over the winter. Regarding this problem Chris says "I'll utilise tools that can help me keep the leaf dry, particularly when high levels of disease activity are prevalent, in an aim to help reduce the incidence of disease, but only if they're cost-effective". Clive Parnell, an agronomist with Amenity Land Solutions recommended that this might be a useful addition as part of my Integrated Pest Management approach. I've worked with Clive for a number of years and trust his advice".

DewSmart can provide up to 3-4 weeks of activity when applied in appropriate conditions; used at critical times of the year it can promote higher levels of turf vigour, and reduce the need for regular early morning switching. "I'd say that DewSmart was effective at supressing dew formation for between 18-24 days during an exceptional autumn. We've been experiencing very mild night-time temperatures right up till mid-November which was supporting growth that we wouldn't normally anticipate. In conjunction with fusarium activity from late summer meant that I would have anticipated having to apply between 6 or 7 applications of a fungicide during the course of this year. But we've experienced about 50% less disease than in previous years and where it has been prevalent the turf has recovered a lot quicker.

"I've used alternative products in other venues and haven't found them to be as effective. I was extremely pleased with the longevity of DewSmart in what would ordinarily have been a difficult growing season. We cut very frequently to keep the speed on the greens that our customers demand and I was concerned that we'd cut it out, but DewSmart has been a massive benefit that I'll continue using at times of the year when I anticipate disease."

For more information, contact sales@amenity.co.uk tel. 01952 641949.

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