3 NFL Players Annual Field Survey

NFL Players Annual Field Survey

Almost 85% of professional footballers in the United State's National Football League prefer to play on natural grass surfaces. This is just one of the outcomes of the 2004 survey published recently. A total of 1514 players from all 32 teams responded to the survey which focused on their views of the pitches in the league. Some of the results will be of great interest to those football people on this side of the Atlantic who are involved in the synthetics v natural turf debate.

Some of the questions asked included:-

  1. Which surface do you think is more likely to contribute to injury?

  2. Which surface do you think is more likely to shorten your career?

  3. Do you believe you have had one or more injuries on artificial turf that would not have occurred on grass?

  4. Which surface do you think is more likely to affect your quality of life after football?

The details of the survey, and responses, can be found on NFL Survey.

Pitch details:-

Cardinals - Grass
Falcons - Artificial
Ravens - Artificial
Bills - Artificial
Panthers - Grass
Bears - Grass
Bengals - Artificial
Browns - Grass
Cowboys - Artificial
Broncos - Grass (desso)
Lions - Artificial
Packers - Grass
Texans - Grass
Colts - Artificial
Jaguars - Grass
Chiefs - Grass
Dolphins - Grass (hosts football & baseball)
Vikings - Artificial
Patriots - Grass
Saints - Artificial
Giants - Artificial
Jets - Artificial
Raiders - Grass (hosts football & baseball)
Eagles - Grass (Desso)
Steelers - Grass (Desso)(hosts football & NCAA)
Rams - Artificial
Chargers - Grass
49ERS - Grass
Seahawks - Artificial
Buccaneers - Grass
Titans - Grass
Redskins - Grass

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