0 No change for Glyphosate users after resolution

Amenity managers, groundsmen and contractors can continue to use Roundup products as normal following the EU resolution on glyphosate, Monsanto has confirmed

MonsantoTechnical Manager Manda Sansom explains: "The vote in the European Parliament on 13 April was non-binding and not part of the legislative decision process. The initial draft resolution from the Environment Committee of the European Parliament proposed non-renewal of glyphosate approval but the resolution was passed with a number of amendments and called instead for renewal for 7 years rather than the standard 15 years. Several of the points raised by the parliamentary resolution are in fact already being addressed in the draft legislation and existing legislative procedure."

"The headlines in the media have been taken by the inclusion of calls to restrict glyphosate use in public areas, non-professional use and pre-harvest of crops. These calls are not supported by the scientific evidence and it is important to understand the parliamentary vote was advisory only and that there is no change from the current situation.

The important milestone is the vote on re-approval of glyphosate at the meeting of Member State experts at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food & Feed, (SCoPAFF), on 18 /19May. A qualified majority vote for re-approval will move the process forward to Member States who will make detailed decisions on each formulated product.

"Glyphosate product authorisations are in place until re-registered, replaced or withdrawn which will not happen until the end of the approval process. Roundup can continue to be used as normal."

Current glyphosate products can be supplied by Distribution until June 2017, with a further 12 month use up period. Should there be further delays in the re-registration process the use-up periods will be extended.

For more information, visit www.monsanto-ag.co.uk.

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