0 No time for retirement

No time for retirement



Brian D Pierson has had a very hectic time in the past few years, the completion of two courses in America at the beginning of the new millennium was followed by three new nine hole courses in Germany a market that still needs British expertise.

The completion of the first nine at Grobernhof Golf Course in the German Black Forest in 2001 has been followed by a PIERSON design & build of the second nine that opens on the 26th of June 2005.

Brian is currently Project Managing the New six hole extension for Wetherby Golf Club, a concept that he feels may well be "The way forward" for many clubs in the future.

With consultancy work in Cheshire, Summerset and Wiltshire and a Project Management in France his approaching 40 years as a Golf Course Builder( 2006) seem unlikely to "slow down"

Brian will be sharing some of his recent work experiences with Pitchcare members in the coming weeks with a series of articles about these projects along with a in depth article about project management.

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