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Drought and Summer Stress

The prolonged dry summers of 2003 and 2006, along with some very high temperatures, once again proved a challenge in producing good turf conditions on...

in Consultancy - on 15/4/07

trees on golf

Many golf clubs carry out extensive tree planting to improve the aesthetic appeal of the course, define its character and encourage wildlife.

in Golf - on 11/4/07


Sudden Oak Death

More than just an Oak Problem

in Consultancy - on 9/4/07


Surface Interaction

Sport surfaces are designed and installed with various factors in mind: cost, maintenance, durability, aesthetics, etc. Undeniably one of the most important...

in Consultancy - on 7/4/07

worcester floods 3

Severn UP!

Spare a thought for two Worcester sporting venues where flooding is almost an annual event

in Industry News - on 29/3/07


Under Cover Operations!

Established companies cannot afford to rest on their laurels. At times there is a need to modernise, embrace new technologies and develop new marketing...

in Industry News - on 27/3/07

Boundary park

Taking position as the 3rd highest football league ground in England at 509 feet above sea level (only behind West Bromwich Albion’s The Hawthorns at...

in Football - on 26/3/07

Finance and the Turfcare industry:

Finance options

Finance and the Turfcare industry:

in Industry News - on 25/3/07

Staying in Toon

Staying in Toon

Newcastle United, like most Premiership football clubs, have had to move with the times and provide their players with quality surfaces to play and train...

in Football - on 21/3/07

Hurlingham lawns

Bowled Over

The bowls and croquet greens at the prestigious Hurlingham Club in London performed better last year than in recent years. Grounds Manager Peter Craig...

in Bowls - on 20/3/07


Augusta Syndrome

With the effects of global warming, parts of the UK are already experiencing weather conditions that are allowing golf courses to be presented to much...

in Golf - on 18/3/07

charter roots

Beneath The Surface

Most of us take for granted the quality of the air we breathe and that the oxygen within it is critical to the maintenance of life on this planet. We are...

in Consultancy - on 16/3/07

queens wood

Lakes and ponds require on-going attention to lessen the likelihood of algae growth and to maintain an active and healthy environment for living...

in Industry News - on 21/2/07