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Celtic Manor Chronicle

Celtic Manor Resort is steeped in history and Director of Golf Courses and Estates, Jim McKenzie has seen huge developments throughout his thirty year...

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Women’s World Cup 23

Firsts dominated the Women’s World Cup in Australia in New Zealand. It was the first final for England and Spain, and the first title for the latter...

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Weather corner; 110

This summer has served as a timely reminder that two of the main consequences we face as a result of our changing climate industry concern irrigation and...

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Going Dutch on N and P

European countries are leading change in their nitrogen and phosphate inputs. How will this affect the UK amenity market and your surfaces?

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Ongoing challenges

There has been plenty in the news recently covering how European standards are changing to stop one of the Netherlands’ peak polluters - Nitrogen. Our...

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School sports management

We spoke with Bradley Tennant and Harvey Milne about what it is like to manage an interchangeable sports venue.

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Naunton Downs Golf Club

At first sight, golf and racehorses could be uneasy stablemates, although the two do co-exist on a number of racecourses, with the golf providing income...

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