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Bad Press

It seems that our industry has a penchant for attracting bad press. A recent example would be the unfortunate greenkeeper at Haywards Heath Golf Club who...

in Editorial - on 24/8/08

It’ll stunt your growth!

Climate change is starting to wreak havoc with Britain's sport and leisure facilities, as sportsgrounds and venues increasingly begin to bake in summer...

in Local Authority - on 29/6/07

Nature's Corridors

Nature's Corridors

The considerable ecological value of a hedgerow should not be underestimated. Depending on its age, a hedgerow can be made up of a considerable number...

in Consultancy - on 28/6/07

Ecology, the environment and grounds maintenance

Loosing Pesticides

Philip Rusted of tcm looks at the likelihood of pesticide legislation in the UK

in Consultancy - on 26/6/07

What a STATE to get into...

What a STATE to get into.

When I stepped off the plane in Columbus, Ohio, boyhood home of Jack Nicklaus, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the next chapter in my career on...

in Golf - on 14/6/07

tony bolton

Master of trades

TONY BOLTON explains how his interesting career path has led him to work at two high quality sports venues in Lancashire; Sedgley Park RUFC and Rawtenstall...

in Industry News - on 31/5/07



If ambition is rewarded then Robert Bradshaw should go far in our industry

in Football - on 27/5/07

In a Festive Mood

In a Festive Mood

This year’s Cheltenham Festival again proved to be one of the most popular events of the British horseracing calendar.

in Equestrian - on 25/5/07

Slit Drainage

Slit Drainage

You cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. If there is not enough finance available to put in the necessary degree of drainage, it is no good thinking...

in Consultancy - on 21/5/07

Creating future classics

Since 1988 Jonathan Gaunt has been designing golf courses, not only in the UK but also in Turkey, Denmark, Spain and the burgeoning Czech Republic. To...

in Golf - on 20/5/07

Talking ROT!

Talking ROT!

The appearance of fungal fruiting bodies on the trunk or branches of a tree often causes alarm, particularly if the tree in question is in an area frequented...

in Consultancy - on 18/5/07

Meet the Ellesmerian

Meet the Ellesmerian

Ellesmere College was founded in 1884 and is set in 85 acres of extensive grounds in the beautiful North Shropshire Lake District. Facilities are excellent...

in Industry News - on 17/5/07


In the Grove!

You want impressive? You got impressive! Tiger Woods called it the “best course in Europe” and he is talking about a course that is just four years...

in Golf - on 14/5/07

The Battle of Waterloo

Terrain Aeration’s David Green scampers over to Blackpool to help Waterloo Bowling Club restore their struggling green.

in Bowls - on 12/5/07


Laurence Gale MSc meets up with the two Groundsmen looking after King Edward VI Grammar School in Stratford-Upn - Avon, Warwickshire

in Industry News - on 11/5/07