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Charterhouse Presents N-Fusion Bio Nutrition

Would you like to reduce the risk of possible nitrate pollution – as well as reduce nitrogen input costs?

in Industry News - on 6/10/07

The importance of Rootzone analysis

Soil analysis is the most important tool available to anyone considering the construction of a sports surface, without scientific analysis the suitability...

in Consultancy - on 25/8/07

Know your ENEMY!

Know your ENEMY!

Now is the time to start on the invasive weed control before it is too late.

in Consultancy - on 15/8/07


Interesting Reading!

With over fifty professional fixtures each season Reading FC’s Bruce Elliott was struggling to maintain a quality playing surface. Drastic measures were...

in Football - on 12/8/07

Wells Cathedral School

Wells Cathedral School

Wells Cathedral School is one of the UK’s five specialist music schools.

in Industry News - on 27/7/07

Renovating Wolves

Renovating Wolves

For the second year running the Groundstaff (Terry, Wayne and Ken) undertook much of the renovation works themselves.

in Football - on 22/7/07

Matters Arising!

In 2006 Plymouth Cricket Club took over the Mount Wise ground, a former Ministry of Defence facility. Badly negleted, the first priority was to get the...

in Cricket - on 21/7/07

Talking ’bout a revolution

A pioneering team of international turf experts has given two Scandinavian stadiums real grass, established for the first time in the winter...

in Football - on 20/7/07

Communication -Working with Committees and Members

Working with Committees

In today’s climate, productive, well-channelled communication in any industry is very important, none more so than in greenkeeping

in Golf - on 19/7/07

Environmental Gobbledegook explored!

All too often scientists and environmentalists will use unfamiliar or complicated words to explain the most simplest of things.

in Industry News - on 17/7/07

Flemington Raceway

Flemington Raceway

Horse Racing in Australia is a major part of the country’s Turfgrass Industry.

in Equestrian - on 12/7/07

Being Bunkered

Being Bunkered

Harry Vardon was responsible for putting Ganton Golf Club ‘on the map’. It is one of only three courses in the UK to have hosted the Ryder, Walker...

in Golf - on 9/7/07

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Aquatic Weeds

The biggest threat to our country’s ecology is aquatic weeds

in Consultancy - on 22/3/07