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Driving out into the West Sussex countryside south of Arundel, you may be surprised to see pedestrians crowding across the road where no houses or shops...

in Industry News - on 20/10/07

Blot on the Landscape!

“There was one session when it was so dark that I thought the world was coming to an end. I thought the Lord had turned the lights out.”

in Cricket - on 13/10/07

Brummagem Oasis

Brummagem Oasis

Golf and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at them. Jimmy DeMaret

in Golf - on 11/10/07


On the edge!

The weeds that grow on the edge and how to get on top of them

in Consultancy - on 8/10/07



How does a small golf club in Scotland maintain great standards on a not-so-great budget? Can they afford to buy the latest mowers and grinders?

in Golf - on 7/10/07

Pathogen infection, How do they attack?

Pathogen infections

Pathogens are organisms that have the ability to cause disease and, when we think of turfgrass disease, we automatically think of fungi as the causal pathogens...

in Consultancy - on 2/10/07



It’s a topic we have covered before but, this year’s wet summer has seen an increase in Common Ragwort and its inherent dangers. Although all landowners...

in Consultancy - on 22/9/07

Walsall Academy

Walsall Academy

It is a phrase that has passed the lips of countless Britons of eras past and present that appearances can all too often be notoriously deceptive.

in Industry News - on 21/9/07

Rubbish TIPS!

Rubbish TIPS!

Some basic tips on recycling

in Consultancy - on 17/9/07


Eversholt Cricket Club are on a roll. They got through to the latter stages of the National Village Knockout tournament and recently appeared on Sky TV’s...

in Cricket - on 15/9/07

golf loch lomand

Loch Lomond Golf Course

As well as accepting European students into the States, Mike O’Keeffe and his team at Ohio State University also place American greenkeepers in Europe....

in Golf - on 13/9/07

Is the pitch the last Priority?

Even with the Rugby Football Union offering considerable assistance to rugby clubs the length and breadth of Britain, pitch standards are in decline.

in Rugby - on 9/9/07


Brownfield Sites

Brownfield sites are commonly developed into sports pitches either via Section 106 agreement clauses or as part of wider regeneration programmes. This...

in Consultancy - on 8/9/07

Jolliffe’s good show

Jolliffe’s good show

Mark Jolliffe is Head Groundsman at Taunton School. He and his staff are responsible for looking after fourteen hectares of grass and formal gardens

in Industry News - on 6/9/07

concert 2

Concert compaction

Just what impact does a herd of George Michael fans, heavy plant equipment and Rola-Trac covers have on the compaction levels across a football pitch?

in Football - on 1/9/07

It's a Mare

It's a Mare

I am often asked to advise on the control of the weed, Mare’s-tail, causing problems in cultivated land. Mare’s-tail is an aquatic weed, Hippuris...

in Consultancy - on 25/8/07