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Moving Marston Forward

In Spring 2006, Old Marston Parish Council, Oxfordshire, invited Total Turf Solutions Ltd (TTS) to provide a feasibility report on the draining of sports...

in Football - on 1/1/08

Time gentlemen please

Lord Lucan nominated it as ‘a pub worthy of visiting’. Quite what tempted him out of hiding in 2005 to make this statement is not known!

in Bowls - on 30/12/07

The Richter Scale

The Richter Scale

They had stopped en route to relieve themselves and were surprised at how sandy and free draining the local soil was!

in Industry News - on 26/12/07

The Green Green Grass

The Green Green Grass

Cardiff based sports pitch design consultants GEO Turf Consulting Ltd take us through the role they played in the recent construction of the new training...

in Football - on 17/12/07

Bird’s nest SNOOP!

Bird’s nest SNOOP!

For the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games there will be about thirty-seven venues in all, as well as 58 training sites with an estimated construction...

in Industry News - on 9/12/07

Ton up for Perth

A special race meeting was held at Perth racecourse at the end of September celebrating 100 years of horse-racing at Scone Palace Park.

in Equestrian - on 8/12/07

When did you last check your roots?

check your roots?

I am always on the look-out for research or general articles and text books that can help with my work or my understanding of turfgrass diseases and, to...

in Consultancy - on 7/12/07

Second generation reinforced natural turf ... it’s fibrelastic

Three main types of fibre reinforcement were developed during the 1990s. 1. Loose, multidirectional polypropylene fibres as in Fibreturf 2. ‘Stitched’...

in Football - on 28/11/07

Mr. Bowls

Garry Allen, is a Contract Greenkeeper for Bowls clubs in and around Portsmouth

in Bowls - on 24/11/07

Environmental enhancement made simple

Environmental enhancement

We all know that we need to play a role in protecting our environment. Course Managers are inundated with numerous suggestions to help protect the environment...

in Consultancy - on 23/11/07

Clontarf - the home of Irish cricket

Home of Irish cricket

First impressions count for a lot. There is nothing better than to see a well presented sports venue that looks smart, sharp and tidy. One such venue I...

in Cricket - on 21/11/07

In the footsteps of Giants

In the footsteps of Giant

It is a late September morning as I cross the car park towards the main reception at the Belfry. I have an important appointment to keep with a very busy...

in Golf - on 18/11/07

To the Manor born

Being a volunteer Groundsman at the ‘prettiest’ club in Shropshire has its rewards reckons Stephen Morris

in Cricket - on 17/11/07

Your turfgrass is weak old man!

Okay, before I start, a question, and be honest with your answer. How many of you have had a sudden outbreak of disease ?

in Consultancy - on 16/11/07

Defining quality

If there is one rule of thumb I have learned from working with natural turf it is that we can only ever improve the performance of our playing surfaces...

in Cricket - on 15/11/07

Keeping polo in a mint condition

Polo in mint condition

Former Greenkeeper, Mark Neale, has his work cut out maintaining over 50 hectares of grass at Beaufort Polo Club with just a staff of three. LAURENCE GALE...

in Equestrian - on 11/11/07

What’s in a name and – and does it matter?

What’s in a name

In 1981 I was having a few pints with an opponent after a game of rugby and he asked me what I did for a living. I said that I was a Greenkeeper. “Oh,...

in Golf - on 8/11/07