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Draining The Lakes

Moor Allerton Golf Club, situated between Leeds and Harrogate, was designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior in the 1960s. The club professionals have included...

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Secondary Elements

Understanding their role in sportsturf management

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Sustainable mindset

Laid out in 1891 by pioneering designer Willie Campbell, and respected among golfing cognoscenti, The Machrie on the Isle of Islay is regarded as one of...

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Island hopping

Shaping 72 bunkers in six weeks over the course of two winters may seem like a ridiculous project to take on, but, in fairness to everyone involved in...

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One of Slovenia’s newest golf courses was designed by Englishman Howard Swan. Gorazd Nastran reports on progress at the course

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Forsdike’s saga

There was a time when any self respecting company employing a large workforce would see it as their responsibility to offer their employees a club in which...

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Bunting has take off!

Earlier in 2007, Manchester City Council was placed under severe pressure to sell their prime asset, Manchester Airport, to create a fund to invest in...

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Spiral nematodes

Major Charles A. Mackenzie designed Rungsted Golf Course back in 1936. It is one of Denmark’s oldest and most important courses and is, possibly, the...

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Global warming is high on the political agenda as international scientific consensus agrees that increasing levels of man-made greenhouse gases are leading...

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Diagnose diseases

Identifying the primary cause of turfgrass diseases has, arguably, become more difficult over recent years as we have become better able to identify differences...

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Hexham’s heritage

The ‘Leper Oak’ at Hexham Golf Club suggests a more sinister past for this beautiful parkland golf course.

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Environmental Management Systems applied to turf

Environmental Management

Golf is a huge industry that is constantly growing and developing. Clubs provide important areas of green space in the community and, in some instances,...

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The Hereford United pitch will always be remembered for the 1971/72 third round FA Cup replay against Newcastle United when both teams played in a sea...

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South Coast smasher

The International Women’s Open tennis championships will be held at Devonshire Park from 14-21 June 2008 guaranteeing more tense battles for an expected...

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In the black!

In the black!

Sean Sullivan, Superintendent at The Briarwood Golf Course, Stateside in Montana, has introduced black bunkers as an environmentally-sound solution to...

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United at Carlisle

United at Carlisle

Like many clubs in the lower divisions, Carlisle United has been the proving ground for managers and players. Bill Shankly, Bobby Robson and Bob Stokoe...

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Many people wouldn’t associate the word cliffhanger with the sport of bowls, exciting as it often is. But, in the case of St John’s (Meads) Bowling...

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Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains

Life long Villa fan John Reynolds visits the club’s new multi-million pound training ground to make sure that his beloved team are being given the best...

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Badgers and the Law

For conservationists the increase in the badger population is a huge success story.

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