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Maintaining Oakham School

Oakham School

What a year. We had a cold wet spring, with the cricket starting earlier than ever. April 8th was the first scheduled fixture, and success in the rugby...

in Industry News - on 18/9/05

Keeping it in the family

Ellie Tait asked four groundsmen, and their fathers to explain what it’s like having groundsmanship in the family.

in Industry News - on 14/9/05

Renovations at the Madejski Stadium

At Reading Football Club we play host to 1st team, reserves and Premiership rugby union. In all we had 50 professional fixtures last season, including...

in Football - on 4/9/05

Autumn Renovations as summer ends

The season's play is coming to an end on some summer sports, particularly cricket, bowls and tennis. September is the ideal month to undertake and start...

in Consultancy - on 26/8/05

Re-turfing decisions at Juventus

When the management team from Juventus FC came to our Richter Rasen turf farm in Austria, they were interested to look at our sports turf products and...

in Football - on 9/8/05