Issue Number 23 (Page 2)


Keeping Up Appearances

Spearheading changes in football playing surfaces for the top flight can be a precarious occupation, especially when you run the risk of being cruelly...

in Football - on 25/3/09


Soil Sampling

One of the most important tasks of a turfcare professional is to inspect soil properties by taking samples on a regular basis. Here we look at the various...

in Industry News - on 23/3/09


Pitch Doctoring

Cheating or home advantage? Stuart Kerrison, Head Groundsman at Essex County Cricket Club, suggests that it is in the club’s interest to use all the...

in Cricket - on 22/3/09


Bunker Drainage

As news headlines continue to be dominated by climate change most people already know that the predicted effects on European weather patterns will not...

in Golf - on 21/3/09


Short cut to better golf

A decade ago, a greenkeeper cutting greens down to 2mm for long periods would have been considered, by most, to be insane. Conventional wisdom at that...

in Golf - on 18/3/09


The onset of the bowls playing season usually begins in March when favourable weather, soil and air temperatures begin rising above 10 degrees C, thus...

in Bowls - on 15/3/09


Looking after bowling green and cricket pitch mowers is basic, but is the key to smooth running and trouble free mowing. Here, Edwin Roberts offers advice...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 15/3/09

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Back to basics 3

In the third and final part of his ‘Back to Basics’ article on fertilisers, Scotts International Technical Manager, Stuart Staples, advises on selecting...

in Training & Education - on 4/3/09