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Galtres - Softly Softley

What sets a golf course apart from others is usually a mix of its location, its history and the quality of the manicured turf. In the case of the Forest...

in Golf - on 29/8/09


Who do you believe?

You walk through the door of the doctor’s surgery and, without looking up from his desk, he throws a bottle of pills at you and says, “Take these and...

in Consultancy - on 26/8/09

Greg Evans, portrait.jpg

Who are you? Greg Evans, Course Manager at Ealing Golf Club and Managing Director of the Complete Golf Solutions consultancy firm.

in People - on 25/8/09



Under the entrepreneurial auspices of Lord March this dramatically beautiful corner of England has become, arguably, the country’s greatest sporting...

in Best of the Rest - on 25/8/09


In this, his final article in the ‘The Short Cut’ series, Greg explores two further elements critical to successful greenkeeping; machinery and...

in Golf - on 23/8/09


Dr. Mark Howieson, Product Development Specialist, Becker Underwood Inc. discusses silicon amendments for stronger, more stress resistant turf

in Consultancy - on 23/8/09

Wetting Agents

Soil water repellency (SWR) occurs on many golf courses in the UK and Ireland. There are numerous causes of SWR, such as preferential flow of water, fungal...

in Consultancy - on 22/8/09


Fertiliser Facts

Richard Lawrence, Managing Director of Environmental Turf Technology, offers an in-depth look at what a soil test might reveal and the effects each element...

in Consultancy - on 22/8/09


Parramatta matters ...

Pitchcare Oceania’s Simon Kars talks to Dave Hinkley, Head Groundsman at the Parramatta Stadium about life at one of Sydney’s most popular venues where,...

in Industry News - on 21/8/09

It a bug\'s life down there.jpg

Soil - biology or chemist

With the cost of fertiliser rocketing this year, many turf managers are looking at alternatives for producing and managing high quality playing surfaces....

in Consultancy - on 19/8/09


Luke Spartalis, mechanic at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, says that technicians need to adapt to new technology.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 18/8/09


Engine Maintenance

How to get the best from your diesel engine. Kubota’s Adrian Langmead looks at some basic, yet crucial, maintenance.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 18/8/09


Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor is the UK’s largest, family owned, theme park, attracting more than one million visitors every year to ride Pandemonium, G-Force, Shockwave...

in Best of the Rest - on 14/8/09



Bojan Joavanovic has been living in the UK for six years and has recently completed his studies at Cranfield University in Sport Surface Technology.

in Industry News - on 12/8/09


Golf Course Designer, Jonathan Gaunt, gives us a fascinating insight into the design and build of a new course in Fes, the medieval capital of Morocco...

in Golf - on 11/8/09


Ecology matters

Enhancing the natural environment on the golf course is something STRI has promoted throughout the golf industry for the past twenty years. Richard Stuttard,...

in Golf - on 9/8/09


Laurence Pithie MG, shares his views and ambitions with Pitchcare, following the setting up of Turf Master One Ltd., and gives an insight into what makes...

in People - on 8/8/09


A Common Touch

Paul Worster is Courses Manager at Minchinhampton Golf Club, a three course facility in the Cotswolds. He is also Vice Chairman of BIGGA and passionate...

in Golf - on 8/8/09


Bristol City’s fibrelastic pitch has recently completed its second full season. Head Groundsman, Craig Richardson, explains how the decision to install...

in Football - on 7/8/09


The Premiership ‘yo-yo’ club, West Bromwich Albion have, once again, been relegated to the Championship but budgets for end of season renovations have...

in Football - on 7/8/09