Issue Number 25 (Page 2)


The Frost Report

Phil Frost is one of the longest serving cricket groundsmen on the County circuit. Here he talks about his time at Somerset CCC and the challenges he faces,...

in Cricket - on 5/8/09


Profile of Keith Cann-Evans

in People - on 4/8/09


Northop Hall CC

Pitchcare Oceania’s Simon Kars talks about his ‘year out’ at Northop Hall Cricket Club in North Wales, as a player and groundsman. He reckons the...

in Cricket - on 3/8/09


Mission Possible

The STRI’s ‘Dynamic Duo’, Richard Windows and Henry Bechelet, are at it again! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to achieve firm,...

in Golf - on 1/8/09


Red turf

During the late spring and autumn months, patches of red/purple discolouration can develop on close mown turf, and the cause is often automatically regarded...

in Consultancy - on 30/7/09


Cost of machinery

Andrew Turnbull says it is vital to grasp a working understanding of financial planning in order to influence the decision makers that can make it worthwhile...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 30/7/09


Level Playing Fields

Despite horrendous weather conditions during the cricket off season two test grounds, 200 miles apart, have been extensively upgraded as part of a major...

in Cricket - on 26/7/09


New Schools Programme

Pitchcare visits the site of a brand new school in the South-West of England where MJ Abbott, in partnership with Cowlin Construction, is using its sportsturf...

in Industry News - on 25/7/09


Adam King

Adam King, Grounds Manager at Radley College, has been trialing new seed cultivars with good results. Now, all he needs is the ‘miracle mixture’ that...

in Schools & Colleges - on 23/7/09


As discussed in part one, difficult decisions can be very hard to make, and communicating them can sometimes be harder still. In this the second of two...

in Training & Education - on 23/7/09


The Perennial Problem

Paul Cawood, Business Development Manager at LanGuard Ltd., gives an overview of perennial weeds and how best to treat them.

in Consultancy - on 21/7/09


Bob Stretton, former ECB Pitches Advisor for Warwickshire, and current Head Groundsman at the Massey Ferguson Sports Club, offers some advice on cricket...

in Cricket - on 20/7/09


Watering needs

How to get what you want without it costing the earth. Duncan McGilvray says that upgrading your automatic irrigation system should be a step-by-step approach...

in Golf - on 19/7/09


Health & Safety Part II

Is machinery and equipment as noise and vibration-free as some manufacturers and suppliers claim, and are clubs doing enough to reduce the risks? Tom...

in Industry News - on 17/7/09


I’m not sure anyone involved with Essex County Cricket Club realised, at the time, just how significant the signing they made back in the spring of 1984...

in Cricket - on 15/7/09


The Mole Truth

The European Mole (Talpa europaea) holds a strange affection with many folk thanks, in the main, to children’s stories such as The Wind in the Willows....

in Conservation & Ecology - on 14/7/09

Scunny seed drill 1.jpg

Fine turf

Scunthorpe United have made their way back to the Championship, courtesy of a 3-2 win over Millwall at Wembley. To complement their new found status...

in Football - on 13/7/09


ECB Pitches Advisor, Mel Pooley, offers a few tips on how, what, why and when to scarify, paying particular attention to the time of year and what you...

in Cricket - on 12/7/09


Pride of Derby

With Clough Junior now in control at Derby County and a new training ground facility up and running, Head Groundsman, Andy Crofts, is preparing pitches...

in Football - on 11/7/09


Having worked the majority of his sports surface management life on natural turf, Dr Colin Mumford started the gradual transition from working with real...

in Synthetics - on 10/7/09